Transform Your Sport Field With an LED Retrofit System Upgrade

Many sporting venues have been turning to LEDs as a light source over the past decade or so due to their ability to reduce energy consumption while improving light quality and control. The ability to retrofit existing facilities by installing new LED lighting on existing poles can make this an even more cost-effective approach, but it’s important to ask some questions up front.

Q. We’d like to retrofit our existing sports lighting with LED lighting. What should we know?

A. Properly designed and installed LED sports lighting can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 70%, making it a smart investment. While your first instinct may be to choose the least costly option, there is a vast disparity in the performance of LED sports lighting from different manufacturers, so it’s important to research vendors and question them closely to avoid problems.

Common problems with LED retrofits from less experienced manufacturers include glare and spill that can affect the surrounding neighborhood, inadequate light levels on the field, and overall reliability. These kinds of problems can be resolved but may require the installation of an entirely new system.

Ask your manufacturer for credentials as well as references from past customers. Conduct site visits to fields featuring the various LED lighting options you are considering to see how they perform. Be sure to ask manufacturers about warranty details, and get a firm answer on how potential problems with your lighting will be handled.

Q. What else should we consider?

A. It can be tempting to just replace your existing lights with LEDs as each fixture needs to be replaced, but this isn’t ideal. A complete retrofit system upgrade from a lighting manufacturer that is experienced with sports field lighting will have a more positive impact on light levels, while preventing glare and spill light from affecting neighbors through advanced visoring technology. When you do your homework, you’ll find that experienced manufacturers will be able to help retrofit your facility effectively, delivering a well-designed LED system that uses existing infrastructure to maximize playability with ideal light levels, while cutting costs and minimizing problems.


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