Add Functional Fitness to Your Facility

Finding new members—and keeping existing ones—is essential if you want your fitness facility to succeed. Adding

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functional fitness options is one way to stay on the cutting edge.

Q. We’d like to add functional fitness options to our facility. What should we consider?

A. Start by considering your facility’s layout and design to see where you might be able to make some changes to make room for functional fitness. Then talk to your fitness equipment supplier about how to create a more effective fitness space.

Some suppliers will even help you plan the layout of your facility. They will have experience with the best ways to fit functional fitness into your existing space, whether that’s by reconfiguring your cardio equipment layout, or by adjusting other spaces.

Be sure to keep flexibility in mind, so you’ll be able to adapt to drop programs that have less interest so you can adopt newer, more engaging offerings like small group training, rehabilitation, sport-specific training and functional fitness.

Q. What else should we consider as we expand our offerings to include functional fitness programming?

A. Be sure you are working with a fitness equipment supplier that has experience with the full spectrum of functional fitness options. Some programs require unique equipment, and your supplier will understand what will work best within the context of your existing facility, as well as the best way to expand your offerings without breaking the bank.

Functional training can employ a range of equipment, from medicine balls, bands and tubing to suspension trainers and beyond. Racks and stations can free up floor space while providing an ideal location for various body-weight training exercises as well as a place to connect suspension trainers, resistance bands, training ropes and more.

Work with a supplier that provides a wide range of equipment, from rehab and functional training equipment to cardio machines and more, to make the most of your facility’s layout.


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