Elevate Your Shelter

Shelter Structure
Photo Courtesy of ICON

Shelters, gazebos, pergolas, and other structures can beautify your park or site, making it more appealing to visitors

while also giving them a comfortable place to get out of the hot sun or wait out a rainstorm. While a wide variety of beautiful options are available straight from the manufacturer’s catalog, you also can go one step further and elevate your shelter with customization options that make it even more attractive and welcoming.

Q. We’re looking for ways to make our shelter more unique. What should we consider?

A. Start by evaluating your park and what is desired from the space. When incorporating a shelter, decide what the use is for the structure. Shelters can be used for simple shade for renting, bandshells, or an aesthetically pleasing structure in the park and beyond. This will lead you to feel what best suits your site and then consider adjusting that design to make it your own. Standard shelter designs can often be modified and accessorized in various ways to create a custom look. In addition to selecting a unique color palette, you might be able to change the overall size of the shelter, raise or lower the roof pitch, raise the height of the eaves, extend the eave overhangs, or even add a roof tier. Custom columns and ornamentation can be added to create a focal point for your park. Simple accessories can be added to make your shelter unique, from a weathervane’s simplicity to a clock tower’s formal beauty.

Q. We know shelters provide shady comfort for park visitors on hot, sunny days. Are there other ways we can make our park shelters more comfortable for guests?

A. Park visitors will welcome the ability to get out of the weather or simply to enjoy some shade, but you can add even more comfort to your shelter with simple customizations. Lights will make not only your shelter but your whole park more welcoming in the evening hours and can help the shelter feel homey when dark clouds loom. Misters can be added to help visitors cool off on hot summer days. You can even add iconic swings to your shelter, providing a comfortable place for visitors to rest their feet and enjoy conversation with friends and family.


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