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Rapidly growing in popularity, Gaga ball is a game that can be played by all ages and abilities, livening up physical education classes and school recess, after-school programs, day camps and more.

Q. What is Gaga ball?

A. Gaga ball is an exciting, easy-to-learn and fast-moving game that is commonly referred to as a “softer form of dodgeball.” The game is played in a “Gaga Ball Pit.” The object is to be the last one left in the pit without getting hit by the ball. Each player tries hitting the ball with their hand and aiming to strike fellow players at the knee or below.

While it doesn’t require a high level of athletic skill, Gaga ball does help develop skills that can be carried over to other sports, incorporating agility, dodging, jumping and movement. Players must stay on their guard to avoid being hit by the ball, and luck is sometimes just as important as strategy to winning the game.

Q. We’d love to incorporate Gaga ball into our programming. What do we need to get started?

A. To get started, you’ll need a durable Gaga ball pit. This provides a boundary for the game and can either be permanently mounted or a portable structure so you can move it around if needed. This is usually a hexagonal or octagonal shape made of a hard material that allows the ball to bounce off its walls, such as structural plastic lumber. The walls are most commonly about 30 inches high with a step-over area built into one or two of the walls. Some companies also offer ADA-compliant Gaga ball pits.

You’ll also need a ball that is 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Lightweight inflatable vinyl balls work best as they are fast moving and safe to use. The pit’s surface should be smooth and should have the ability to drain quickly. Asphalt, concrete or rubber flooring works best. Otherwise, a light layer of mulch or a fine stone base will help keep the players more isolated from the dirt/mud.


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