Fit More Play Value Into a Small Footprint

Photo Courtesy of Play & Park Structures

No matter their size, well-designed playgrounds have one thing in common—kids love them. A well-designed

playground will offer a variety of activities appealing to kids of different ages, interests and abilities. Even in small spaces, it’s possible to pack in a lot of play value and create a unique playground that enhances social, physical and emotional harmony.

Q. We’d like to add a playground, but don’t have a lot of square footage. How can we make the most of the space we have available?

A. You’d be surprised how much play value you can fit into a tight footprint. Whether your space is a small square or a long, narrow rectangle, space constraints do not have to stop you from moving forward with your playground project.

There are many ways to maximize your play value within the magic of modularity. You can find compact, modular play structures that can be customized to fit your space perfectly. Start with a single hub then add on a variety of slides, climbers and activity panels, creating a unique combination of climbing, socialization and fun. If you have room for more, you can easily link a modular structure to a traditional structure providing infinite amounts of travel and fun for all. Your playground partner should be ready to work with you to create a dynamic, versatile structure that effectively uses the available space.

Photo Courtesy of Play & Park Structures

Top it off and make it your own by selecting roof or shade options, as well as unique colors and design elements that will guarantee to draw attention from both near and far.

Q. What else should we consider?

A. Your playground vendor should be a valued partner that can guide you through the entire process by offering personal design collaboration, building out play space options to meet your communities needs or even contributing solutions tailored specifically to your budget and installation needs. Your project deserves a vendor that can do it all. Look for a partner that has the experience and capability to pull it all together and help you create an appealing place where kids for generations can play and grow.


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