Outfit Your Dog Park

According to Recreation Management’s State of the Industry Report, dog parks are the third most commonly planned

Pet Waste Station
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addition for parks and recreation in 2023. These pet-friendly spaces are increasingly a must-have for communities, offering a place for pooches to expend their pent-up energy and pet owners to socialize.

Q. We’re planning to add a dog park in our community. What kinds of amenities should we consider?

A. Outfitting your dog park is all about making sure the space is both pet- and people-friendly, but perhaps the most important consideration is pet waste. Pet waste stations include pet waste bags, as well as a lined receptacle. Be sure your station is well stocked with pickup bags, and encourage owners to pick up after their pets with signage.

At their most basic, dog parks require a fenced-in area where dogs can run free, but you can take it a step further and add agility elements and whimsical items. A fire hydrant gives dogs a meeting spot where they can do their business. Or you can create a modular tunnel with hoops, giving dogs and their owners a way to engage in some agility training.

If you’re starting from scratch, look for manufacturers that offer everything you need in a bundled package to help you outfit your dog park in the most cost-effective manner.

Be sure to look for amenities made from urine-resistant and fade-proof materials.

Q. What else can we do to encourage pet owners to enjoy our park?

A. First, make sure everyone knows the rules by posting some signage. At the very least, signs should include your park’s rules. You can also make space for a community bulletin board and post information about programming, dog-friendly events and more.

In addition, make sure your park is comfortable for humans as well as their pets. At a minimum, include some benches and shade. A drinking fountain with a bottle filler and a pet fountain will also be welcome to thirsty people and their pets.


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