Bring New Life to Your Waterpark

With their slides, rides, wave pools, lazy rivers and other recreational amenities, waterparks are a natural draw. One of the best ways to keep people coming back is by regularly updating the park’s amenities and appearance. You can bring new life to your waterpark with simple updates that can improve safety and look amazing.

Q. Visits to our waterpark have been declining, and we’re considering ways to update our park’s look. What are some simple ways to rejuvenate our waterpark?

A. While many waterparks update by adding entirely new slides, rides and other amenities, there are other ways to update your park’s appearance. Controlling crowds at the entrance to rides and slides, and keeping traffic flowing is an important part of ensuring your guests have a positive experience. Consider adding rope or netting to help naturally direct people into the queue for a slide, or guide them along a walkway to the next ride. You can find everything from fencing to help keep people on the right path to bridges and tunnels that make for an exciting way to get from one ride to the next.

In addition to traffic control, ropes and netting can be added to various amenities in your park to enhance the experience. Add a net over your lily pad walk to help kids steady themselves as they traverse the pool. Waterslide safety netting can be added to your slides to keep riders and rafts safely on the slide. Access panels make it easy for staff to access the slide when repairs need to be made or obstructions removed.

Q. What else should we consider?

A. Custom rope and netting elements and structures can enhance the ambience of your facility while improving safety. You can rely on more traditional-looking rope products, or look for netting available in a variety of colors to suit your theme.

Be sure to look for products that are designed to withstand the unique environment of your waterpark. Materials should be resistant to wear, chemicals, moisture and UV rays.


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