Maintain Clear Pool Water

Keeping water free from disease-causing microorganisms and crystal clear to allow lifeguards to see swimmers easily is an important task, made easier when you follow a regular schedule of water management and systems maintenance practices.

Q. What should we know about maintaining clear and clean pool water?

A. The first step to clear, clean pool water is ensuring you have a sanitization system that has been specified to the exact needs of your pool. That means taking myriad factors into account, from the size and depth of the pool to your typical bather load, hours of operation and whether the pool is indoors or out.

A system that relies on chlorination as a primary method of sanitization is the first line of defense against microorganisms that can get into the pool’s water and cause disease. Controllers can help adjust sanitization as changes occur in the pool. Add clarifiers and coagulants to help lower sanitizer consumption and prevent problems.

Following best practices is crucial. Determine the regular steps that must be taken to maintain clean and clear pool water, and then stick closely to the plan. Whether you rely on controllers or not, you should be testing the water on a regular basis, which allows you to adjust your pool’s water chemistry as changes occur.

Q. Once we have a sanitization system and regular maintenance practices in place, what else should we consider?

A. You can have the right systems in place and a carefully developed plan, but if you don’t train your staff on best practices in maintaining water balance and sanitizer residuals, you’re missing one key piece of the puzzle. Establish a daily routine with a checklist for tasks that must be performed on a regular basis, like water testing, and then make sure staff members understand who is responsible for these duties.

Lifeguards always have their eyes on the water, so be sure they know that the water should be crystal clear. If they cannot see to the bottom of the pool, then something has gone wrong, and they need to alert staff members in charge of water maintenance immediately.


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