Get Creative With Your Splash Pad

Splash Play
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With their wide variety of colors, water sprays and mists, splash play areas are a natural draw for people of all ages.

If you want to make sure your splash pad stands out from the pack, there are many ways to get creative.

Q. We’re considering adding a splash pad to our park, but we’re looking for something that stands out from the ordinary. What should we consider?

A. While there are many unique splash pad equipment options available straight from manufacturers’ catalogs, if you really want to make your splash play area stand out, talk to your manufacturer about their customization capabilities.

When you choose customized splash play elements, you can create truly unique designs and themes that will make your park stand out from the pack. You can even find ways to incorporate your local culture or environment into the theme, such as adding wetland-themed elements like frogs and dragonflies, or a woodland theme with bears and trees. Everything from plants and animals to sports equipment, airplanes and more—your imagination is the only limit!—can be added to your splash pad to reflect the personality of your community or facility.

While many of these ideas can be found straight from the catalog, you don’t need to limit yourself to what’s already available. Custom fabrication can bring anything you dream up to life.

Q. How should we get started on our splash pad project?

A. Begin by determining your vision. What is your budget? What are your goals? What age group are you catering to? Are you planning to incorporate a theme?

Keep accessibility in mind. By nature, splash pads provide a space that is accessible to users of all abilities, but be sure it is also easy for them to get to the site, with an accessible path and parking.

You’ll also want to take an inventory of your site and note any limitations. Are utilities available? What’s the topography like? How much space do you have?

Armed with this information, you can talk to splash play manufacturers about their capabilities and determine the best path forward to ensure your new splash pad is a hit.


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