Cover Your Pool in Winter

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Aquatic operators can reap the benefits of a well-designed pool cover in any season, but when cooler weather arrives and the leaves begin to fall, a winter safety cover is an essential tool, protecting your pool and your guests while minimizing maintenance requirements for the coming spring and extending the life of the pool finish.

Q. Why should we cover our pool during the off season?

A. Winter safety covers are one of the best ways you can protect your pool and your guests once the weather cools and the pool closes for the season. Pool safety covers create a secure, taut barrier over the swimming pool and must be able to support a specific amount of weight. While you should still prevent people from walking on the surface of the pool safety cover, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be protected from accidents.

A winter safety cover doesn’t just minimize your liability—it also will protect your pool over the winter. Well-designed covers will have no gaps along the edges. That means debris like falling limbs and autumn leaves won’t be able to get into your pool. With less debris in the water come springtime it will be much easier to clean and open your pool for the season.

Q. We’d like to make our pool more attractive over the winter season. What should we consider?

A. Pool safety covers don’t just protect your pool and your guests during the winter season, they also can improve your closed pool’s aesthetics. They are available in several, naturally appealing colors that can easily blend in with your pool’s surroundings.

What’s more, you can add logos and branding to your pool cover. Adding your venue’s logo to your cover makes an attractive brand statement.

Q. What else should we consider?

AWhile winter safety covers manufactured to ASTM standards can bear weight, if you’re in an area with heavy snows, you should do your best to remove snow from your pool cover in winter months. A long-handled broom can be used to push excess snow, as well as any debris like fallen limbs or leaves, off the pool cover.


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