Sanitize Your Pool Safely and Cost-Effectively

Proper sanitization of aquatic facilities is crucial to ensure swimmers and instructors are protected from waterborne illnesses. Unfortunately, chlorine, the most common pool sanitizer, can be dangerous for operators to handle. In addition, the volatility of chlorine costs can make it difficult to manage pool budgets.

Q. We’re concerned about safety around bulk chlorine. What should we consider?

A. Bulk chlorine must be handled safely. It requires hazmat trucks, permits, training, special storage facilities and cross-contamination awareness. You can avoid these safety issues by relying on a commercial saline chlorinator. Producing the necessary chlorine for your pool on site means your team will no longer be responsible for managing hundreds of gallons of bulk hazardous material.

Saline systems are simple, easy to use and will provide years of trouble-free operation. The operator will simply add a small amount of salt to the pool. As water flows through the electrolytic cell, your machine creates sodium hypochlorite at a pH of 9.2, which will significantly decrease the amount of pH reducer needed to balance your water. You eliminate the risk of accidental mixing between bulk chlorine and muriatic acid, which create dangerous toxic gas when combined.

A saline generator may also offer a salinity sensor that monitors the salt level in your pool and a back-of-house brine tank that maintains the salinity ppm with no need for daily testing or manual salt introduction.

Q. Can on-site chlorine generation help us save on operating costs?

A. Yes! Besides dramatically reducing hazards for your staff and guests, on-site chlorine generation can have a positive impact on your budget. By eliminating the need to purchase bulk chlorine, you’ll avoid price volatility and an unreliable delivery schedule. The on-site chlorine generator will continue to reuse the salt in the pool water to create chlorine, further reducing your costs.

What’s more, because your salt water chlorination system will create chlorine at a lower pH than traditional bleach, you’ll reduce the amount of acid needed to stabilize pH levels.


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