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Splash play areas continue to be one of the most popular additions at parks and other outdoor sites across the country. They provide an inclusive aquatic experience that is fun for everyone, without the staffing and maintenance requirements of a swimming pool. With new lighting and technology, it’s possible to extend the splash pad experience even further, creating an exciting aesthetic element that lasts well past sundown.

Q. We want all the recreational benefits of splash play, but also want to find a splash pad solution that provides a unique aesthetic for our community beyond the daylight hours. What should we consider?

A. Adding colorful LED lights can extend your splash pad’s usefulness far beyond the daylight hours—and even beyond the typical season for outdoor aquatic fun. Imagine children splashing and having fun all day long, while nighttime visitors to your community are greeted by an imaginative interactive fountain with dancing water formations and light shows.

LED lights are available in a rainbow of colors and can be combined with many different ground spray products to create an endless array of possibilities. Combining water and colored lights creates an aesthetic experience that guests will appreciate whether they’re up close and personal or simply passing through.

You can even work with professionals to develop special effects sequencing, combining LED lighting effects and ground sprays that sequence on and off to create a unique water-and-light show. Programmed displays typically range from 1 to 5 minutes, automatically shifting from daytime to nighttime, making them easy to use.

Q. What else should we know?

A. When you add lighting and sequencing to your splash pad, you’ll not only take your splash pad from daytime to nighttime, you can also extend the usefulness of your splash pad beyond the traditional season. Kids can splash all summer long, and as the weather cools, your interactive water and light display can continue to provide nighttime excitement to your community.


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