Add Unconventional Competition to Your Pool


Providing competitive programming at your pool is a fun and exciting way to get swimmers into the water. Swim meets and water polo are great competitive programs, but they require specific pool depths and sizes, along with a well-trained coaching staff. Whether your pool and staff are ready for these kinds of events or not, you can find other, unconventional ways to reinvigorate your pool’s programming with competition.

Q. We’d like to expand our programming to include competition, but we’re concerned about limiting our programs to certain kinds of swimmers. Are there ways to add competition that are inviting to more guests?

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A. Competitive programming like swim meets and water polo are fun, but they are limited to competitive swimmers. Why not provide a little competition for everyone with an inflatable obstacle course?

You can find modular inflatable play products that can easily be combined into a comprehensive inflatable obstacle course that can be used by a large number of guests at the same time. Inflatables are simple to set up, and elements can be mixed and matched, or simply moved around, which means you can provide a new competitive experience at your pool any time you choose.

What’s more, unlike competitive swimming and water polo, your pool doesn’t need to be a specific size or depth in order to be transformed into a competitive aquatic venue, as inflatables can be used in pools of any size or depth.

Competitive races through your inflatable obstacle course will draw swimmers with a wide range of abilities. While they might not be able to swim the butterfly or backstroke for 200 meters, they can still traverse the obstacle course, getting their hearts pumping and bodies moving with nothing worse than a splash into the water if they lose the race.

And, just like swim meets and other competitive events, your inflatable obstacle course competition will not only draw participants, but spectators as well, who will enjoy watching the competitors race through the course.

Q. We’d love to add competitive obstacle course racing to our pool using inflatables. What are some ideas for engaging people in these events?

A. Making sure your regular guests know about your obstacle course competition is as simple as posting some signs in highly visible areas, such as around the check-in desk or in changing rooms. But there are other ways to grow an audience for these types of events.

Renting out your pool during less popular times is a smart way to boost your bottom line, and when you add inflatables, your pool will become even more attractive to potential guests. Consider adding events like birthday parties, or even team-building.

When you host an event, be sure to get plenty of good photos and even videos, and share them on your social media page. The excitement of watching people traverse your inflatable obstacle course will help spread the word, inviting even more guests to show up and compete next time.

Q. What else should we consider?

A. Don’t forget the importance of safety. Talk to your supplier to be sure you understand the minimum water depth required for the inflatables you choose, and ask about any required safety barriers. Anchoring is also a consideration. Pool booms can create a safe, horizontal anchoring for inflatables, which is useful for higher products, protecting against sliding or jumping.

Be sure you choose inflatable pool products that are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. Reinforced welded seams and a pressure-release valve will provide maximum stability and safety.


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