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CXT Restroom Structure

Providing clean, attractive and well-maintained park restrooms is a surefire solution to ensuring the comfort of people visiting your parks, ballfields and other sites. While many sites rely on porta-potties, this is not the ideal solution when guest comfort is your goal. What’s more, you might be looking to incorporate other types of park buildings, such as concessions or storage. Whether you are simply planning to include a restroom or you want to add more buildings to your park site, premanufactured concrete structures can provide an efficient, effective solution.

Q. We are looking to add a park restroom, as well as a concession and storage building, to our park site, but we’re looking for a quick solution. What should we consider?

A. Look for premanufactured concrete buildings to provide an efficient, simple solution. You can find premanufactured restroom structures that can be combined with concession buildings with roll-up awnings, and three-compartment stainless-steel sinks—a perfect solution when you want to add concessions to your park. Storage spaces and shower spaces can also easily be added to a premanufactured building.

Restroom Structure
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While these kinds of complex solutions might seem like they’d take more time to design and construct, when you choose a premanufactured structure, you won’t need a designer or a construction team. Simply choose the layout that works best for you, then work with your manufacturer to select finishes that will help the structure blend into your site. Once you’ve made your choice, the building will be shipped to your site. Most plumbed facilities can be installed in just a single day.

You’ll also save time on sitework, which is minimal for premanufactured buildings. If you’re installing a building with plumbing fixtures, you’ll need utility stubs on a gravel pad.

Q. We want to be sure our new park buildings blend in nicely with the other amenities at our site, as well as the local surroundings. What should we consider?

A. Look for a manufacturer that offers a variety of design options, including textures, materials and colors that can be incorporated into your structure to create a building that perfectly suits your site.

Customization options make it easier to blend your restroom into your site. You can find varying roof pitches, along with wall finishes designed to look like stone, wood, stucco, brick or a barn. Choose the customization options that work for you to create a building that looks like it was made specifically for your site.

Q. What should we know about maintaining our buildings?

A. Look for restrooms, concessions, shower and storage buildings that are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. All-concrete construction will withstand rot, rust and corrosion, which means fewer repairs over the lifecycle of your facility. High-strength precast concrete roofs and walls that are welded together make the structures easy to clean. Simply remove amenities like toilet paper, then hose the facility out using soapy water or disinfectant solution on the walls, riser and floor.

Your staff should make daily maintenance tasks part of their routine for your entire park. When they stop by to check the park’s waste and recycling bins, they should also check toilet paper and paper towel dispensers.

Q. We’re concerned about the impact of harsh weather. What should we know about protecting our buildings from snowstorms, floods and other weather events?

A. Talk with your manufacturer about the prevailing weather in your area and the impact it might have on your building. Premanufactured restroom structures that feature high-strength precast concrete roofs and walls, as well as steel door frames and window frames cast into the concrete walls, will withstand heavy winds and bad weather, as well as vandalism.

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