IAAPA Introduces New Pre-Approved Provider Program

IAAPA, the global association for the attractions industry, announces the launch of its Pre-Approved Provider Program, an initiative designed to connect academic institutions and training organizations that offer educational courses to the global market of attractions industry professionals seeking additional training and education.

The IAAPA Pre-Approved Provider Program, meticulously developed and managed by IAAPA’s global education team, is committed to fostering consistency and excellence within the industry by endorsing courses that align with IAAPA's Common Body of Knowledge (CBoK) and adhere to the best practices in continuing education.

With this program, IAAPA aims to bolster the knowledge and skills of individuals working within the sector and drive the industry forward through a shared commitment to excellence. The IAAPA Pre-Approved Provider Program ensures that educational courses meet the highest standards of content and instructional delivery. Approved providers will be connected to industry professionals seeking continuing education. In addition, a provider’s courses can fulfill continuing education requirements for IAAPA Certified Attractions Professionals (ICAP) and IAAPA Certified Attractions Executives (ICAE).

This invaluable opportunity empowers certified individuals to stay current with the latest industry trends, innovations, and best practices, further elevating their expertise and contributing to the overall advancement of the attractions field. In launching this new program, IAAPA is pleased to announce it is hard at work to build the first Pre-Approved Provider Program registry, which will be a centralized repository that offers certified professionals’ convenient access to the plethora of qualified courses available. Once complete, this asset will provide a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate resource, ensuring that individuals searching for continued education options can efficiently locate and select the most suitable courses to enhance their professional development.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Pre-Approved Provider Program, which exemplifies IAAPA's dedication to fostering excellence and promoting ongoing education within the attractions industry,” said Alissa DeMeglio, senior manager of global certification programs for IAAPA. “The program empowers industry professionals to access top-tier educational opportunities, enabling them to continuously upskill and excel in their careers. By offering a one-stop registry, we will make it simpler for certified industry professionals to explore and participate in courses that align with their goals.”

To become a pre-approved provider, educational institutions and training organizations must undergo a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring the highest quality of course content and delivery. By becoming part of this esteemed program, providers can demonstrate their commitment to upraising the attractions industry and supporting the growth of its professionals.