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According to Recreation Management’s State of the Industry Report, staffing is the top challenge faced by recreation, sports and fitness facilities, but increasing participation and engagement with visitors is also high on the list of top concerns. Both of these issues can be addressed with self-serve technologies that lessen the load on staff while improving engagement with all demographics.

Q. We are dealing with staffing issues and are looking for ways to make things easier on our employees, while ensuring our visitors have a great experience.

A. Demographics are shifting, and your younger visitors might have different expectations. By incorporating a self-serve kiosk, you’ll be able to engage this demographic, while also reducing the workload for your employees.

Kiosks combine software and hardware, including a touchscreen, and allow your visitors to handle many basic tasks on their own instead of waiting at the front desk to talk with a staff member. This could include tasks like reviewing your offerings, registering and paying for a program, and checking in for an activity. Younger folks and other more tech-savvy visitors will appreciate the ability to meet their needs seamlessly via your kiosk, in addition to their own desktop or mobile device.

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Q. What else should we know?

A. Your self-serve kiosk will make for a better experience all around. Tech-savvy users will be able to seamlessly find, sign up, pay and check in for programming without disturbing your staff. Visitors who prefer a more personal touch will still be able to talk directly to front-desk staff to handle these details. Reducing the wait times by allowing some visitors to self-serve will have a positive impact on those who do need to speak directly with staff.

A kiosk is simply a smart addition to your entry space, providing a way for visitors to skip the line at the front desk and check in, review what’s available and book upcoming programs on their own. You’ll reduce wait times during high-traffic periods, and free up staff to address more important questions and concern. 

To learn more about how you can better serve your parks and recreation customers through self-service models, download Xplor Recreation’s free Self-Serve Research Report.

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