AEM to Project Consult $60 Million Development of Golf-Anchored Entertainment Properties

Strategic consultant Amusement Entertainment Management has been selected by award-winning golf ball manufacturer OnCore Golf Technology and its affiliated ShotClub Social, LLC real estate development partner to guide the construction of two entertainment complexes in Buffalo, New York and Knoxville, Tennessee.   Each 40,000 square foot facility, which will trade under the name ShotClub Social, powered by OnCore, will contain 60 golf driving range bays, a fully interactive range ‘gameboard’, OnCore’s exclusive GENiUS ball technology, artificial intelligence based on-site swing instruction, duckpin bowling, and a host of amusement game, simulator, and virtual reality attraction offerings.  

OnCore’s shareholders include iconic financial executive Charles Schwab, legendary golfer Al Geiberger, and Buffalo Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen, who are enthusiastic brand ambassadors of the group’s mission to elevate the golf entertainment center experience for consumers by crafting facilities that are capable of servicing families, adult age groups, and corporate users with innovative technologies designed to ‘gamify’ the range experience.   

Paired with fine-casual dining and upscale amenities,  ShotClub Social powered by OnCore will offer a new take on the GEC model.  AEM’s managing partner Jerry Merola commented, “OnCore Golf Technology has the history, know-how, and bandwidth in the golf ball and technology sectors which, when combined with ShotClub Social’s development track record of notable projects will evolve the golf driving range experience to a new level not yet achieved within the sector.   We look forward to bringing this dynamic experience to the communities of Buffalo and Knoxville in the near future.”

ShotClub Social’s CEO Doug Swift shared,  “We’re very excited to be working with AEM and our local development partners in Buffalo and Knoxville on what we have spent the past several years refining and preparing for launch. The interest in off-course golf has reached record levels and the emergence of exciting new technologies to make the driving range experience both fun and instructional will make this a destination for golfers and non-golfers alike.”