ACE Commits to Equal Pay Pledge in California

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) proudly announces its commitment to the California Equal Pay Pledge. This decision reflects an ongoing organizational dedication to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion and advancing gender equity within the health and fitness sector. By signing this pledge, ACE joins the efforts to close the gender pay gap and support women in their careers by ensuring opportunities to thrive in their professional lives. 

"I am proud to sign California's Equal Pay to help foster an environment at ACE where women's talents, contributions and leadership are celebrated and rewarded fairly,” said Amanda Cass, SPHR, ACE Chief Operating Officer. “Our dedication to this pledge is not only a testament to our organizational values but also a promise to be a catalyst for positive change in the pursuit of true gender equality in the health and fitness industry." 

The California Equal Pay Pledge brings together Californians from all sectors to develop solutions to the persistent gender wage gap women face, because in the fifth, and quickly becoming the fourth, largest economy of the world we know that #WomenAreEssential.  

As part of its commitment to the pledge, ACE outlined specific actions it will undertake to live up to its promise: 

Perform annual gender pay analysis to identify and address any existing disparities.  

Continue evaluation of internal processes and practices for advancement opportunities as part of the ACE EDI strategic goals.  

Support and grow the Women In Fitness Association (WIFA) to further advance opportunities for women in the health and fitness industry. 

According to a recent report analyzing U.S. Census data, women make up 58% of the recreation and fitness workforce, but only earn 86 cents to every dollar earned by men in the same occupational role. Additionally, women only make up 29% of senior leadership positions globally These data highlight the importance of uplifting women in the health and fitness industry. 

ACE's endorsement of California's Equal Pay Pledge underscores its dedication to cultivating a fair and inclusive work environment, fostering professional growth and promoting gender equity within the health and fitness industry. By taking these proactive steps, ACE aims to lead by example and inspire positive change within the broader health and fitness community.