Rotary Compactors Reduce Waste Volume by Up to 80%

ROPAX Roto-Compactors from Epax Systems compact recyclable material and waste at the source where it is generated. These industrial grade machines use a rotating drum with metal teeth to tear, rip, shred and compact a wide variety of items including cardboard boxes, fruit and vegetable crates, plastic waste, packing filler (polystyrene), and more. As the drum rotates it swivels left and right while keeping items under constant pressure to ensure maximum compaction.

Two models are available. Bin Packers compact waste directly into the included 1.5 cubic yard steel container with casters. Built-in fork sleeves on container facilitate easy collection via front loading waste collection trucks. Bag Packers compact and bale waste into large 370-gallon plastic bags that sit on a standard 48” x 40” pallet. When bags are full, they can easily be removed by a hand pallet jack and sealed to create a self-contained bale.

Both systems utilize a pull-down mail style feed opening. This design serves the dual purposes of keeping users a safe distance from the compaction drum while also providing a handy shelf from which to feed waste. Items can be fed continuously during the compaction process.

Ropax Roto-Compactors have a small footprint (not much larger than a pallet) so they require very little space and no structural alterations to facilities. They are ideal for use in warehouses & distribution centers, supermarkets, department stores, hospitals and medical facilities, hotels, function halls, conference centers and more.

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