Parks Rise to the Challenges of Wellness, Inclusion, Conservation & More

We asked Industry Report respondents about their involvement in a variety of initiatives related to inclusion and outreach,graph conservation and wellness, and in every case, park respondents were leading the way. Some 93.9% of park respondents said they were involved in at least one initiative on the list.

The initiatives park respondents were most commonly involved in include: wellness initiatives (48.9% of park respondents vs. 44.2% of non-park respondents); inclusion for those with physical disabilities (48.3% vs. 35.8%); inclusion for those with developmental disabilities (41.8% vs. 31.9%); providing a connection to nature (41.5% vs. 25.6%); and outreach to economically disadvantaged communities (36.5% vs. 33.3%).

Beyond the most common initiatives, park respondents were much more likely than non-park respondents to be involved in: disaster recovery assistance (35.9% vs. 19.4%); conservation initiatives (33.1% vs. 14.5%); and climate resilience initiatives (19.2% vs. 8.4%).

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