Thursday Pools' Dealers Raise $16,000 for National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Spreading awareness about water safety in the pool industry is very important. While pools are a source of joy and relaxation, they can also pose significant risks if proper precautions are not taken. This is why Thursday Pools always encourages dealers to get involved! At this year’s Thursday Pools Dealer Conference, our generous network of dealers raised almost $16,000 for the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA). 

Thursday Pools, manufacturer of unique fiberglass pools, runs an annual dealer conference in which anywhere from 150 to 250 Thursday Pool dealers come together each year to learn about the company’s latest product innovations, receive business instruction as well as receive an in-depth tour of the company’s manufacturing processes.  Because of the company’s commitment to the pool and spa industry, the company decided it wanted to actively contribute to the mission of the NDPA to educate, advocate, innovate, equip and prevent drownings.  “Because our livelihood is focused on the installation of swimming pools, we want to actively support an organization designed to prevent water accidents—from water competency to barriers, alarms and supervision, the NDPA helps educate and prevent tragedy,” explains Annie Brock, VP of Business Development for Thursday Pools.

Thursday Pools has been committed to the importance of promoting water safety awareness in the industry for many years and even created a kid-friendly video about water safety that can be looped on an iPad or similar in pool stores so kids are learning while parents are shopping. The video is accompanied by a 10-page coloring book that follows the video to reinforce the pool and water safety messages included in the video.  The “Ten Cool Pool Rules for Kids” booklets are free to pool professions to give away in stores or even for service professionals to leave with their clients after service visits.  “We have always received positive feedback from our dealers about the water safety video and booklet,” explains Brock. “So we decided to offer our dealers a way to gather our resources and donate to the NDPA organization in a significant way, and Thursday Pool dealers did just that.”

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