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Rule the Pool With Brilliant Commercial Lighting



As a global leader in commercial pool equipment, Pentair assists in all phases of the project planning process. Whether you are planning a family-friendly HMAC pool, a spectacular competition pool, a super-sized water theme park, or envisioning a unique aquatics environment, Pentair is your trusted partner for dependable, sustainable and connected commercial pool products. 

Hotel, motel, apartment, condo and waterpark alike, consider the IntelliBrite® Architectural Series Pool and Spa Lighting – the most brilliant pool lighting innovation from Pentair – to illuminate your commercial facility. This next generation of pool illumination spreads light widely and evenly in all directions to create dazzling, energy-efficient, evenly lit pools. 

 The IntelliBrite Architectural Series White Pool Light is a smarter and more energy-efficient solution than incandescent and first-generation LED lighting. Compared to incandescent lighting, the IntelliBrite Architectural Series White Pool Light is over 1,000% more energy efficient, consuming 94% less power.* Compared to first-generation LED lighting, the light is now 80% more energy efficient, consuming 44% less power while maintaining the same brightness.**
PentairMore benefits include:

•    Minimizes hot spots, dark areas, glare and stripes for a more evenly lit pool.
•    Easy pool control through a Pentair automation system for instant ambiance.
•    Ideal upgrade from incandescent or Pentair first-generation lighting.
•    Improved proprietary LED product design from a pool lighting leader.







Embrace the next generation of pool illumination at your 
aquatic facility! 


*Compared to AmerLite® 500W Underwater Incandescent Lights.
**Compared to Pentair IntelliBrite 5G White LED Pool Light, IntelliBrite Architectural Series White Light delivers 2.3% higher lumen output and consumes 44% less power.

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