WeCOACH Launches WeCONNECT Women Coaches

WeCOACH is launching a new 2023-24 program, WeCONNECT Women Coaches. This coach-led and coach-inspired virtual networking initiative was born out of the collective voice of our members, who expressed a desire for increased peer-to-peer learning opportunities and empowering conversations with fellow coaches.

WeCONNECT will enhance connectivity amongst our 10,000+ member coaching community by providing a platform for coaches to come together virtually to exchange insights, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. For this inaugural year, WeCONNECT Women Coaches will feature five (5) Huddle Groups developed in response to member feedback:

  • Timely Issues for College Coaches
  • Timely Issues for Youth, Club, Middle & High School Coaches
  • Women of Color Amplified
  • Moms in Coaching
  • Inclusive Cultures

“Our members spoke, and we listened. WeCONNECT is our response to their desire for meaningful interactions and collaborative learning,” said Vanessa Fuchs, CEO at WeCOACH. “This program underscores our commitment to empower women coaches and create a cohesive community where they can lear , grow, and find support from each other to help elevate and inspire their coaching careers.”

WeCONNECT “Co-Captains” will be appointed to organize and lead huddle group meetings throughout the academic year. These dedicated peer leaders will guide discussions and create an inclusive safe space for coaches to share openly and tap into the learning experiences and advice from other huddle members.

WeCONNECT registration is now open for current WeCOACH members across all sports and coaching levels. To learn more about WeCONNECT Women Coaches or to register, visit wecoachsports.org/weconnect. To learn more about all WeCOACH programs and member benefits, visit wecoachsports.org/membership/why-join.