Percussion Play Introduces Harmony Hop

Introducing HarmonyHop, the innovative and engaging way to dive into the world of music theory while supercharging your child's gross motor skills. This exciting, colorful product developed by Percussion Play transforms the familiar hopscotch into a harmonious adventure that makes learning about music theory a breeze.

Designed and manufactured by Percussion Play the world-leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments, the HarmonyHop is the latest edition to a range of outdoor musical instruments that are inclusive for everyone to play. The company is seeing an ever-increasing interest in its inclusive outdoor instruments that are played across the world in schools, camps, libraries, parks, hospitals and senior living communities. Percussion Play’s instruments are designed to bring people together to create uplifting music. Its mission is to inspire people musically, promote curiosity, and provide opportunities for meaningful musical engagement outdoors for everyone.

HarmonyHop is designed to make music theory approachable and enjoyable for learners of all ages. Each hopscotch square represents a musical note: C, D, E, F, G, A and B. By hopping from one note to another, players can learn the fundamental concept of musical Harmony. They'll learn to understand how these notes relate to each other in a melodic sequence, fostering a solid foundation in music theory.

The act of hopping and moving across the HarmonyHop provides an exciting physical challenge. It helps children develop essential gross motor skills such as balance, coordination, and strength. They enhance their physical abilities as they hop from one musical note to the next, promoting a healthier, active lifestyle. Gross motor skills are the building blocks of physical development. They enable children to perform everyday tasks like walking, running, and playing sports. HarmonyHop helps children develop these skills in a joyful and interactive way. Children and Adults alike can build self-confidence and enhance their overall physical well-being by improving their balance and coordination.

Jody Ashfield, CEO and Co-Founder of Percussion Play comments; “Our new HarmonyHop is a fantastic addition to our range of outdoor musical instruments. The HarmonyHop is more than just a game; it's an educational tool that combines the joy of music with the physical benefits of active play. Whether your child is taking their first steps in music or working on gross motor skills, HarmonyHop is the perfect way to harmonise their development journey.”

View Percussion Play’s HarmonyHop here.