Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Launches Enhanced Filtration Products to Simplify Maintenance

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions, the industry’s largest supplier of clean water solutions for drinking water, hygiene and sustainable water management, launched enhanced ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations to simplify maintenance.

Since launching in 2012, ezH2O bottle filling stations have prevented over 67 billion plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and have provided cleaner, healthier water to communities across the world. Just one bottle filling station can save up to 15,000 bottles and 327 pounds of plastic from the landfill each year.

The company’s dedication to innovation in the water delivery and filtration sector is showcased through new product advancements to the ezH2O unit. Upgrades have been made, not only improving usability for end users, but also for simplified maintenance.

“Total cost of ownership is an important subject to Zurn Elkay and our customers,” says Michael Heithoff, Product Specialist – Drinking Water at Zurn Elkay. “Facility managers value time saved to focus on improving a building, instead of maintaining it and that is what our product innovations are centered around.”

The enhanced ezH2O bottle filling station features the new Quick Filter Change Wrapper – a convenient drop-down wrapper that allows for easy access to the filter from the front and side for efficient filter changes in under a minute. The stainless steel wrapper is standard on both single (LZS8WSSP) and bi-level units (LZSTL8WSSP), providing full access to the filter, water shut-off valve, and power supply without removing the entire wrapper. With filter changes that are up to 5x faster and FillSafe™ technology that automatically recognizes new filters and updates the LED filter status light back to green, facilities teams can save time replacing their filters and conducting routine unit maintenance.

Included with the enhanced bottle filling station is the upgraded WaterSentry® 6,000-gallon Filter (51600C). With its reduction of chlorine, odor and contaminants such as lead, cysts and particulates, WaterSentry Filters provide healthier, better-tasting water. The upgraded filter is certified to the same NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards as the original filter but lasts twice as long.

“With high-capacity filtration and quicker filter changes, days of worry about filters are over,” notes Heithoff. “Enhanced bottle fillers will reduce downtime and save facility resources, all while creating a better user experience when filling up on water.”

For retrofit options, the Filter Maintenance Kit (EZFMK) is compatible with all Elkay EZ and LZ coolers and bottle filling stations. The drop-down style wrapper swaps the original wrapper that houses the filter with an alternative for side panel access to increase efficiency. Filter replacement time is cut in half, as they no longer require the time and effort of removing the entire wrapper.

Zurn Elkay is committed to providing greater access to cleaner, healthier drinking water through quality products. When used together, these ezH2O upgrades enhance the installation and maintenance process, making it easier, cost effective, and more convenient. To learn more about ezH2O bottle filing stations, visit elkay.com/ezH2O.