SHAPE America Introduces Inaugural Cohort for Leading Healthy Schools Program

SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators announced the 10 school and district administrators who will participate in the inaugural cohort of the organization’s Leading Healthy Schools program, which was created through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Healthy Schools Branch for the National Initiative to Advance Health Equity in K-12 Education.

Through a year-long collaborative experience, the 2023-2024 cohort of administrators will build knowledge, skills, and community in pursuit of leading healthy schools grounded in equitable policies and practices. Programming begins this fall with seven hours of professional development, which will support each administrator to develop a strategic plan for advancing health equity in their school or district. The cohort will remain connected as they implement these plans in the spring, sharing success stories and working collaboratively to address challenges.

“We’re excited to engage with these administrators from across the country who are committed to improving the physical, mental, and emotional health of their students and school staff,” said Stephanie Morris, SHAPE America CEO. “Through this program, we are taking steps to combat health and educational inequities in schools nationwide.”

The inaugural Leading Healthy Schools cohort includes:

  • Dr. Joseph Bostic, Assistant Principal, Northwood High School (Silver Spring, MD)
  • Patrick Brule, Assistant Principal, Winnebago Middle School (Winnebago, IL)
  • Lesley Matus, Assistant Principal, Shenandoah Valley Elementary School (Shenandoah, PA)
  • Andrea Moeller, Director of Facility Compliance and Monitoring, Vigo County Juvenile Justice Center (Terre Haute, IN)
  • Tynetta Oliver, Manager of Family Advocacy, Rocketship Transformation Prep (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Dan Phelps, Principal, Winnebago Middle School (Winnebago, IL)
  • Nicole Pigott, TE Director, Guilford County Schools (Greensboro, NC)
  • Molly Smith, Principal, North Powder School District (North Powder, OR)
  • Miles Williams, Principal, Bricolage Academy (New Orleans, LA)
  • Brooke Wowak, Principal, Shenandoah Valley Elementary School (Shenandoah, PA)

To learn more, visit Leading Healthy Schools.