AHF Products Unveils Website Redesign

AHF Products®, which comprises top brands in hard surface flooring including Bruce®, Armstrong Flooring™, Hartco®, LM Flooring®, Robbins®, Crossville® and others, announces the launch of its entirely redesigned corporate website, with new user experience, functionality, and branding. Located at www.AHFProducts.com, the new website is a testament to AHF’s evolution as a dynamic industry leader, with a host of innovative features designed to engage, inform, and inspire visitors.

"We are excited to introduce our redesigned website, which represents AHF," said Jeff Sommer, Director, Integrated Marketing & Digital Engagement at AHF. "This new website was developed to provide more information about AHF’s products, processes and people. As we continue to grow in the hard surface industry, we are evolving, and this website illustrates that evolution. We invite visitors to explore, engage with, and experience the essence of AHF Products."

The key highlights of the redesigned website include:

  • Fresh design and intuitive navigation: Cut through the noise with the all-new, visually stunning design, seamlessly integrated with intuitive navigation. The simplified pages offer delightful, easy-to-use, clutter-free navigation. The website incorporates refreshed branding elements, colors, and logo, reflecting AHF Products' commitment to modernity and creativity. AHF’s marketing team worked with PriceWeber agency in Louisville, KY to get the precise look and feel.
  • The importance of heritage: AHF Products is a modern company with a long history. Real people and a storied history are emphasized with enhanced company information. Explore AHF Products' growing and dynamic journey through the updated "About Us" pages. Delve into the heart of the company with a new "History" page, featuring an engaging timeline, and a "Leadership" page, , highlighting the talented minds driving AHF Products’ success.
  • Manufacturing excellence: The heart of all AHF Products is craftsmanship. Visitors can view the artistry and innovation behind AHF’s products with the new "Manufacturing" page, highlighting the company's state-of-the-art facilities and meticulous processes. Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the workmanship that goes into every flooring solution.
  • Technological innovation: AHF Products is known for embracing the heritage of its brands while staying on top of the newest industry tech. Explore AHF Products’ cutting-edge innovations on the "Technologies" page, showcasing the proprietary technologies that set the company apart in the industry.
  • Comprehensive product showcase: The dedicated "Flooring Solutions" page presents AHF Products’ diverse hard surface product categories, providing visitors with in-depth information about the exceptional flooring solutions tailored to meet their needs.
  • Transparency in company practices: The "Governance" page hosts downloadable PDFs of AHF Products policies, providing transparency and insight into the company's ethical practices and corporate governance.
  • Immersive brand experience: Discover captivating stories through the all-new "Brand Stories" section, featuring videos that offer a behind-the-scenes look at AHF Products company ethos and manufacturing processes. Engage with the brand on a personal level, witnessing the passion and craftsmanship behind every product.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The new "Connect" page acts as a central hub, offering information about AHF Products customer service team, locations, and upcoming appearances at trade shows and events. It is now easy to stay connected with AHF Products and experience its products firsthand.

To see the enhanced website and learn more about AHF Products groundbreaking flooring solutions, please visit https://www.ahfproducts.com/