USA Swimming Launches Head Coach Certification Program

USA Swimming is excited to announce the addition of the Head Coach Certification Program to USA Swimming University. The Head Coach Certification program is primarily for new and aspiring head coaches, with lessons catered to coaches with plans or aspirations of assuming a head coach role. The course design is guided directly by coaches and features the voices of many experienced USA Swimming member coaches.

The certification aims to support a pathway for career coaches. USA Swimming has the best performance-based coaching in the world. Still, when prompted, many coaches cite a need for more experience with administrative work, stakeholder engagement, and day-to-day club operations. The Head Coach Certification Program covers a broad range of topics relevant to any head coach, and each course features scenarios, videos, and digital resources designed to offer real-time support.

The program features 29 short courses, designed to be taken a la carte and self-paced. Below is the list of courses, each ranging from 15-45 minutes each.

Learners who complete 17 of the 29 courses will earn a Bronze Head Coach Certificate. Those who complete 24 courses will earn a Silver, and completing all 29 courses will qualify the learner for the Gold Head Coach Certificate.

The Head Coach Certification Program courses are offered to USA Swimming members for $10 each and to non-members for $25 each. Some courses are included for free and provide valuable insight into the programs and services available to Head Coaches through USA Swimming.

The program and certificate of completion are encouraged but optional for coaches. To qualify for the program, coaches must have completed the Quality Coaching Framework course.

For instructions on accessing the program and a preview of the program click here.