WhiteWater’s AquaForms 12 Wins First Place Brass Ring Award for Best New Product

At IAAPA Expo 2023, WhiteWater was honoured with a Brass Ring Award for First Place, Best New Product, Water Park Ride/Attraction under $2 million, for its unique aquatic play structure: Elevated AquaForms 12.

Reflecting “the innovation and unwavering spirit of our industry,” Elevated AquaForms 12 is part of a highly configurable aquatic play system designed to fulfill the different needs of children, parents, operators, as well as aquatic designers. Meticulously engineered with standardized parts that are interchangeable and upgradable, it demonstrates features and benefits not found anywhere else in the water park industry.

Elevated AquaForms 12 is a large, raised modular multi-level aquatic play structure with a monopole design and a sleek, modern look. Similar to a treetop canopy walk, it consists of 12 platforms each held up by a pole and interconnected by paths and stairs. Perfect for exploration, it has over 85 meters (280 feet) of decks, bridges, and stairs for guests to roam while discovering the structure’s 98 water features, many of which are true cause-and-effect interactives. Combined with a thrilling selection of body slides, Elevated AquaForms 12 provides a range of experiences for guests of all ages. 

With each platform supported by a central pole that can raise the unit up to 7 meters, Elevated AquaForms 12 opens up space below for a bigger play area. Together with translucent polycarbonate guardrails, the structure offers clear sightlines to make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children, for children to look back at their parents for reassurance, and for lifeguards to keep track of everyone.

The elevated nature of this AquaForms clears the floor area, which makes a water park look more spacious, especially in an indoor environment. This flexibility also means that Elevated AquaForms 12 can be built above and around other attractions and amenities, such as a splash pad or a lazy river.

Elevated AquaForms 12 features interactive elements that satisfy young guests’ sense of curiosity, discovery, and even learning, such as Surprise Spray, Staccato Blaster, and Tumble Bucket. Exclusive to AquaForms are handprint and footprint activators, which are true cause-and-effect play features that require an action from a guest that triggers a reaction. These activators require no electricity. Instead, valves are used to operate these buttons, which trigger a delightful spray when pushed.

Not only is Elevated AquaForms 12 designed with great play in mind, it also takes operator concerns to heart. For example, with each feature having its own adjustable valve, water flow management is optimized, whether for slides or play elements. Maintenance is also easier with slides made of RTM fiberglass, which are smooth and shiny on both inside and outside surfaces. In addition, clear sightlines help with safety and reduce the number of lifeguards needed around the corners.

“Elevated AquaForms 12 is a great example of WhiteWater’s approach to engineering a product that is beneficial from so many different angles. It is flexible, answers to space constraints, makes operations easier, and at the same time, incredibly fun for young guests,” said Onno Meeter, President, Water Parks. “We want to thank the hard work of our teams listening to client needs and designing this innovative play structure. We’d also like to thank the beautiful Island Waterpark at Showboat for being a great first venue to showcase an Elevated AquaForms."