International Consensus Statement on Sport-related Concussion Summarizes Pediatric Findings

A special article, “Pediatric Sport-related Concussion: Recommendations from the Amsterdam Consensus Statement 2023,” summarizes the latest scientific evidence and recommendations pertaining to sport-related concussion in the January 2024 Pediatrics. The article, published Dec. 4, describes results from multiple systematic reviews of pediatric research on sport-related concussion in children ages 5-12 and adolescents ages 13-18. The article cites effective prevention strategies that include mouthguard use, policy disallowing bodychecking in ice hockey, and neuromuscular training in adolescent rugby. The authors describe evaluation tools for sport-related concussion, including a multimodal tool that incorporates symptom scales, balance measures, cognitive, oculomotor/vestibular, mental health, and sleep assessment. Rather than recommending strict rest, the evidence now points to an early return to light physical activity and reduced screen time to facilitate recovery. Other key highlights include sideline screening, office assessment, rest and exercise, rehabilitation, persisting symptoms, recovery, return to school and to sport, retirement, the para sport athlete and ethical considerations. The American Academy of Pediatrics last published a clinical report on sport-related concussions in 2018.