TechnoGym Introduces New Functional Equipment

Technogym - the world's leading brand in the world of sport, fitness and wellness - presents Skillup, the ergometer to train the upper body in the most complete and intense way. Skillup is the result of the brand’s experience in performance training, developed also as Official Supplier to the last nine Olympics. Athletes at Paris 2024 will also have the opportunity to train with the widest range of digital products and technologies, covering all areas of athletic preparation such as cardio, strength and functional training. Among these there’s Skillup will be an important innovation to support the dry warm-up of swimmers and athletes in many other disciplines.

Technogym Skillup is designed to target the entire body, focusing on all upper muscle groups by simulating the athletic gesture of cross-country skiing. Thanks to MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY, Technogym's unique dual resistance technology, Skillup can integrate a cardio workout with a more powerful one, for a complete and effective workout through quick and convenient adjustment via the selector located in the upper position. Moreover, thanks to its functional, barrier-free design, Skillup is designed to fit into any space and layout, while ensuring easy accessibility for the end user. Skillup is equipped with unique differentiating features, among them the high-contrast display for monitoring performance metrics, with an intuitive and highly readable display of all parameters. The display is totally self-powered by user movement and requires no power consumption. Skillup is also an environmentally friendly product because it is the only one of its kind to use a rechargeable, non-disposable battery, limiting the amount of maintenance required.

Connected to the Technogym Ecosystem, Skillup allows users to access exclusive content through the Technogym App. This includes learning exercise techniques, discovering a variety of workouts, and tracking and displaying results to monitor progress. Skillup stands out as the only product integrated into a digital group-training solution. For an immersive functional training experience, operators can incorporate Skillup into Teambeats, the digital group-training solution that helps users train easily without distractions, have fun and get better results faster. Participants will be guided from station to station, motivated by their metrics, for high-intensity training with variety, effectiveness, and fun.

Skillup is part of the Skill Line, Technogym's line designed side by side with athletes and sports champions from all around the world and in collaboration with prestigious research institutes and universities; Skill products are for those who want to train like a professional athlete, whether at home or in the gym, and achieve peak athletic performance.

In addition to Skillup, Skill Line includes Skillmill - the only non-motorised treadmill that combines power, speed, endurance and agility - Skillrun - the treadmill designed specifically for performance training - Skillrow - the first indoor rowing solution that improves anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular functions - Skillbike - the first indoor smartbike with a real gearbox - and Skilltools, the essential accessories and equipment solution at every stage of your training to train mobility, stability, power and strength, speed and agility.