IDEA Health & Fitness Association and ACSM Present Data on Current Wages and Trends in the Fitness Industry

Two leading authorities in the fitness industry unveil the highly anticipated 2023 Fitness Industry Compensation Trends Report. IDEA® Health & Fitness Association and the American College of Sports Medicine joined forces for this comprehensive survey offering unparalleled insights into the evolving landscape of compensation within the fitness sector, providing essential data for fitness professionals, gym owners, and industry stakeholders.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with leading fitness professionals and organizations, delves into key aspects of compensation trends, shedding light on crucial factors shaping the industry's workforce dynamics. The findings offer a valuable resource for individuals and businesses striving to stay competitive and foster a thriving fitness community.

Key highlights from the report include:

Industry-Wide Compensation Benchmarks: Gain a comprehensive understanding of current compensation structures across various roles within the fitness industry, from personal trainers and group fitness instructors to gym managers and executives.

Regional Disparities: Explore regional nuances in compensation trends, providing valuable insights for professionals and businesses looking to navigate the diverse fitness landscape.

Impact of Certifications and Specializations: Understand how certifications and specializations influence compensation, empowering fitness professionals to make informed decisions about their career development.

Emerging Trends and Future Projections: Uncover emerging trends that are shaping the future of compensation in the fitness industry, helping businesses and professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Examine the role of diversity and inclusion in compensation practices, providing a roadmap for fostering an equitable and inclusive fitness community.

"We are thrilled to bring back and present the 2023 Fitness Industry Compensation Trends Report, a pioneering effort to bring transparency and understanding to the compensation dynamics within the health and fitness sector," said IDEA CEO and owner Amy Boone Thompson.

"This report goes beyond the numbers, offering actionable insights that can drive positive change, foster growth, and enhance the overall health of the industry," says ACSM CEO Kristin Belleson.

The 2023 Fitness Industry Compensation Trends Report is available now for members of IDEA and ACSM. The report alone can be purchased for $50.00 through either organization’s websites.