Percussion Play Introduces Temple Block Tree

With its distinct ‘popping’ sound, the Temple Block Tree is the latest instrument from Percussion Play that will help promote interest in how sound is created and transformed, whilst providing a fun and unique musical experience.

Inspired by the Muyu or slit drum from eastern Asia, the designers at Percussion Play have sought to create a unique instrument that brings musical play to the next level.  Sitting alongside more traditional instruments in Percussion Play’s collection, the Temple Block Tree is an idiophone – an instrument that creates sound through vibrating itself.   

Designed as a tree, this instrument is also inspired by nature and provides an opportunity for children and adults to explore how the ‘popping’ sound can be created, whilst being aesthetically pleasing.   

With its resonant, durable reinforced polymer blocks in a natural stone color and polished stainless steel leg, this instrument produces a unique, hollow tone. When struck with the included mallets, each block produces a satisfying 'popping' sound. Players can strike the blocks' top surface or rims to produce a hollow yet bright, penetrating sound, with each block's internal space functioning as a resonating chamber.

Designed and manufactured by Percussion Play the world-leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments, the Temple Block Tree features a 'branch' configuration of two sets of five blocks graduating in size, with the largest block producing the lowest sound and the smallest block having the highest sound.   This instrument will help to inspire people musically whilst making players question how sound is created and transformed by size – fostering an interest in music theory.


The company is seeing an ever-increasing interest in its inclusive outdoor instruments that are played across the world in schools, camps, libraries, parks, hospitals and senior living communities.

Jody Ashfield, CEO and Co-Founder of Percussion Play comments; “The sound of the Temple Block Tree is unique and very different to the sounds of our other instruments in our collections. We hope everyone will enjoy the ‘popping’ sound and discover how this can transform as the blocks get smaller and larger.  This instrument is a great way to foster a musical education and we look forward to seeing it being enjoyed by everyone, bringing musical play to the next level.”  

View Percussion Play’s Temple Block Tree here.