California State Parks Awards $41.9 Million in Grants to Create New Parks Across the State

California State Parks announced $41.9 million in grant funding to support the diversity of California’s park needs. Under “Round Four” of the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Grant Program, the state of California is delivering new park access to an additional eight communities across the state.

To date, the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Grant Program has provided approximately $1.2 billion to California’s communities. Round Four received the highest amount requested in State Parks’ nearly 50-year history of grant administration.

“Having access to outdoor spaces is critical for all Californians and these projects will contribute to the quality of life for many people who seek local parks to improve their physical, mental and social well-being,” said California State Parks Director Armando Quintero. “State Parks is incredibly grateful to all the organizations who applied for grant funding this round.”

The eight awarded grant projects are:

Fresno County

  • Reedley: City of Reedley,Camacho Park Project: $4,049,992 toconstruct a new walking path, group picnic area, restroom, signage, and public art. Renovate three existing baseball/softball fields, existing restroom/storage/concession stand, and landscaping and lighting throughout the park.

Kern County

  • Bakersfield: County of Kern,Potomac Park Neighborhood Project: $7,384,000 to construct a new soccer field with lighting, splash pad with shade, dog park, basketball court with lighting, three shade structures over existing picnic tables, walkways with lighting, parking lot with lighting, and restroom. Renovate the existing group picnic pavilion, basketball court with lighting, inclusive playground with lighting, and landscaping throughout the park.

Los Angeles County

  • Hawthorne: Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, Zela Davis Park Renovation: $963,060 to construct a new playground with shade, basketball court, picnic area with shade, walking path and hardscape elements, exercise equipment, public art, restroom building, and landscaping and lighting throughout the park.
  • Los Angeles: Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust,Jefferson Park Project:$5,800,000 to create a new park which will include a new playground with shade, sand and water play area, picnic area with shade, exercise area, public art, skate spot, walking path, and lighting and landscaping throughout the park.
  • Paramount: City of Paramount, Paramount Park Community Center Expansion: $7,372,213 to construct a new expansion of an overused Center’s Senior Center and renovate existing building spaces to create dedicated senior activity spaces. The expansion and renovations would include fitness, music, craft, billiards, card, and conference rooms, two screened outdoor lounge areas, reconfiguration of the stage area to make it fully accessible and viewable from the auditorium/dining space, and installation of landscaping along the exterior of the center.

Sacramento County

  • Sacramento: Southgate R.P.D., Jack N. Sheldon Park & Florin Creek Trail: $8,500,000 to acquire approximately 8.77 acres and construct a new dog park with lighting, disc golf course, basketball court, exercise equipment stations, four pickleball courts with lighting, gazebo and BBQ area, practice wall, playground, soccer field with lighting, multiuse trails, informal trails, electric vehicle charging stations, ping-pong with shade cover, educational arboretum, pathways with lighting, two shade structures with picnic tables, public art, and lighting and landscaping throughout the park. Renovate six tennis courts with lighting, a multiuse trail, playground, soccer field and parking with lighting.

San Joaquin County

  • Stockton: City of Stockton,Van Buskirk Park Renovation: $7,016,086 to construct a new skate park, two full-size basketball courts, and BMX/Bike Trails with lighting and landscaping.

Yolo County

  • Knight’s Landing: County of Yolo, Knights Landing Community Park: $814,649 to create a new park which will include a new soccer field, little league/softball field, full-size basketball court, ball wall, children's playground, perimeter 6’ wide walking/jogging path, shaded picnic and BBQ area, open natural grass area, parking lot, plaza area with picnic tables, shade trees, and farmers market/food truck areas for community gathering space. Renovate existing restroom.

On March 21, 2021, California State Parks’ Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) received $2.42 billion in grant requests for Round 4 of the Statewide Park Program. The department was able to award $548.3 million to projects throughout California; however, approximately, $1.87 billion in requests were left unfunded. An additional appropriation of $41.9 million was provided through the 2023/2024 State Budget.This additional funding is now being awarded to unfunded Round 4 applications.

Funding for the grant program was first made available through Proposition 84 (2006 Bond Act) Sustainable Communities and Climate Change Reduction. Proposition 68 (2018 Bond Act) and additional general fund money continue this program’s legacy.

Since 2000, California State Parks’ OGALS has administered more than $3 billion in local assistance grants from a variety of funding sources. The funding has established indoor and outdoor recreation in every corner of the state, built trails, acquired and restored sensitive habitat, built natural and cultural interpretative facilities, and fostered outdoor natural experiences for thousands of children, youth and families. Approximately 8,000 California parks have been created or improved through these grant programs. To view previous park projects created through OGALS, visit this link.