Keep America Beautiful Grants to Help Beautify Areas Named in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

Keep America Beautiful® (KAB) announced it is accepting applications for the 2024 Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Community Improvement Grants to clean and green roads, neighborhoods, and parks named in honor of the civil rights leader.  The program is sponsored by beverage company Diageo®.  

“We honor the work and vision of Dr. King each year by collaborating with communities nationwide to ensure that all Americans live in places free of litter and pollution,” said Jennifer Lawson, President and CEO of Keep America Beautiful. “These grants demonstrate the power of beauty and how it can play a role in creating a positive impact on the community.” 

More than 950 MLK corridors crisscross the country, serving as vital thoroughfares through diverse neighborhoods and commercial areas. Unfortunately, many of these corridors are situated within under-resourced communities. 

The MLK Community Improvement Grants support and engage communities nationwide, encouraging activities such as planting gardens, painting murals, installing lighting and trash/recycling infrastructure, and engaging youth — all while addressing environmental equity in areas within and around Martin Luther King Jr. corridors and neighborhoods.  

The grant, which opens on MLK Jr. Day on January 15th, 2024, is available to KAB Affiliates, nonprofits, local governments, and community organizations. Project locations should be along or near MLK corridors, addressing specific community needs and promoting inclusion and self-determination. Grant awards range from $5,000 to $20,000. 

In 2022 and 2023, KAB granted $238,000 in funds to communities that engaged around 1570 volunteers in neighborhood building projects along or surrounding MLK Boulevards. A total of 419 public spaces were cleaned through these projects, with an estimated 1.47 million individuals (about the population of Hawaii) reached.