Toro Vista Shuttle Featured at the 2024 SFMA Conference

Toro showcased the new Vista® Shuttle at the 2024 SFMA Conference & Trade Show in Daytona Beach, Fla. This versatile vehicle is built to efficiently transport multiple passengers at sports complexes, resorts, campuses and more. What’s more, this offering rounds out Toro’s comprehensive lineup of utility vehicles.

Similar to all Toro utility vehicles, there are plenty of ways to customize the Vista to meet customer needs. It’s available with gas or battery power, the capacity to carry four, six or eight passengers and an assortment of accessories.

Passengers who ride on the Vista shuttle can expect a smooth and easy ride thanks to front and rear independent suspension, abundant legroom and ergonomic seats. Fold-down rear seating stows bulky items securely during transport. The steering wheel enables easy entry and exit for drivers and the auto parking brake eliminates the need for cable adjustments.

Battery-powered options harness Toro's proprietary lithium-ion HyperCell® technology, rigorously tested for top performance and durability. Each battery is optimized for performance and longevity, thanks to the integration of the Battery Management System. The battery-powered models come equipped with an on-board 900W smart charger, empowering convenient charging anywhere.

The customization doesn’t stop at capacity or power. The Vista’s sleek, TPO plastic body panels allow custom branding. For example, stadiums can customize the Vista in team colors to add a cohesive feel to their fans' game-day experience.

Comprehensive Utility Vehicle Offering
The Vista shuttle rounds out Toro’s comprehensive, commercial utility vehicle offering, allowing crews to transport both tools and customers seamlessly. In addition to the Vista, Toro’s full portfolio of utility vehicles includes:

  • Workman HDX: Heavy-duty series for the toughest tasks. Offers industry-leading hauling and towing capacity. Best for big jobs and versatility with optional accessories like a sprayer, spreader, topdresser and more.

  • Workman MDX: This series features a hefty payload capacity and advanced suspension for superior ride quality. Available in gas or lithium-ion battery-powered models. Best for everyday productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

  • Workman GTX: The most versatile, practical and comfortable utility vehicle in its class. Hundreds of configurations are possible on both the gas and electric models, including seating, cab, canopy, windshield and multiple bed options. Best for customization and a comfortable ride.

  • Workman UTX: A straightforward, non-nonsense four-wheel drive utility vehicle with the highest payload in its class. Gas or diesel models available. Best for hauling, towing and all-season adaptability.

“With a full portfolio of vehicles, we can truly ensure the needs of every course can be met with a specific and specialized Toro utility vehicle offering,” says Noah Wahl, product manager at Toro.  “When we see a need, we look to fill it — whether that’s creating new accessories to improve productivity, adding alternative power to proven chassis to meet customer needs or even building an innovative people-moving solution from the ground up such as the Vista shuttle for a new audience.”

For more information on Toro’s full lineup of utility vehicles, please visit Those wanting to learn more about the Vista shuttles or to request a demonstration can visit this link.