Game-Changing Arena Upgrades Score Big With Fans

With the Big Game just around the corner, the 2023-24 football season will soon be over. Already, venue owners and facility managers across the country are preparing for next season by planning improvements to help increase tickets sales, attendance and fan engagement. 


“Demand for immersive and versatile viewing options continues to drive the evolution of professional and collegiate football stadiums,” said Ray Byrnes, regional sales manager for Sightline Commercial Solutions, a leading fabricator and supplier of commercial railing and staging solutions. “Instead of cramming into standard seats that dull the enjoyment of the event, fans want environments that prioritize comfort and deliver exceptional views.” 


To offer inspiration for venue owners and managers considering off-season upgrades, following are seven arena projects where the Sightline Commercial Solutions team has delivered solutions worthy of extra points:


  1. Cleveland Browns Stadium – Sideline Seating

Sideline seating sections have become increasingly popular due to their proximity to players and the action on the field. A prime example of this can be found at Cleveland Browns Stadium, where Sightline brought a unique gameday viewing experience to Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor District. Using 3-D laser scanning technology, the team captured precise measurements of the sidelines and built the foundations for VIP seating systems using weather-resistant aluminum SC97 platforms and clear anodized IBC guardrail


  1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Luxurious and “Loft”-y Seating

Consisting of five private areas with flexible lounge seating, high-top tables and chairs, and unobstructed views of the field, the AT&T Lofts at Mercedes-Benz Stadium offer VIP treatment for Falcons fans seeking a premium experience. Sightline Commercial Solutions custom engineered and installed 775 linear feet of glass guardrail topped with stylish anodized aluminum handrail, along with sections of black powder-coated VIP Drink Rail with perforated panels, to enhance the safety, convenience and luxury of this previously underutilized space. 


  1. Caesars Superdome – Stylish Floating Railing

As part of a major renovation for the 50-year-old Caesars Superdome, the Sightline team enhanced the venue’s safety and added a touch of elegance by fabricating helical glass railing on floating walls at the 200/250 Loge Levels and 500/600 Terrace Levels to create “super vomitories” with unobstructed views of the scoreboard and field. Additionally, the company’s custom-engineered glass divider rails pair with VIP seating at the North End Zone Premium Seating and Club sections to create a comfortable, exclusive atmosphere for Saints fans. 


“The complexities of the custom railing designs – namely, forming, bending and rolling the helical glass – required a high-level of technical expertise,” explained Byrnes. “Our design and engineering teams delivered solutions that exceeded expectations by utilizing 3D laser scanning technology to capture precise and thorough measurements and dimensions of the walls before fashioning the glass into the correct shapes and sizes.” 


  1. Bill Snyder Family Stadium – Shamrock Zone

The Sightline team played a key role in transforming the south concourse at Bill Synder Family Stadium into the Shamrock Zone and revolutionizing the gameday experience for thousands of Kansas State University Wildcats fans. Featuring permanent concessions, video boards and a 13,500-square-foot club space with a kitchen and lounge area, 3,900 linear feet of the company’s custom fabricated picketmesh, glass, cane and drink railing can be found throughout the main concourse, suite level, office level and southeast viewing terrace. 


  1. Commonwealth Stadium – Modular Seating System

Sightline upped the game at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, by installing SC97 seating riser systems designed to create premium viewing options with added elbow room. By implementing these specialized viewing decks in two main sections, the physical space for a single spectator was increased from approximately 4.5 square feet to an average of 8 square feet. For each of the upgraded sections, where there had been 300 tightly packed seats, there are now seven levels of completely open viewing decks. 

“Custom platform systems not only provide a pragmatic approach to adjusting a stadium’s capacity, but also serve as a means to optimize venue flexibility, utilization and revenue,” noted Byrnes. “By incorporating premium components and offering exclusive services, these tailor-made systems can repurpose traditionally overlooked areas into sought-after seating options for fans in search of a distinct viewing experience. They also seamlessly bridge gaps and create the impression that a venue is brimming with enthusiastic spectators.” 


  1. Bank of America Stadium – Field-Level VIP Seating

To enhance the field-level viewing experience at Bank of America Stadium, the company paired seating risers with Griprail™ and high-performance, low-maintenance Trex® composite decking to deliver an exclusive VIP section for avid Panthers fans. Luxurious Zera Chairs from DreamSeat feature contoured backs that add comfort and a distinctive, upscale look. The section also can be configured with camera platforms to provide unobstructed sightlines for media and camera operators. 


  1. SoFi Stadium – 14 Miles of Railing

Home to the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, SoFi Stadium marks the biggest commercial railing project Sightline has ever undertaken. An unprecedented 73,000 linear feet of railing – in nine different styles and 125 different configurations – can be found inside and outside the state-of-the-art, amenity-rich facility – from the seating bowl and suites to the concourse and vomitorium areas, as well as the monument stairs and canyons on each side of the venue. Additionally, more than 5,000 linear feet of multi-line LED Aisle Rail add safety and ambiance to the massive seating bowl area. 


“Nearly 14 miles of cable, glass, aisle and cane rail in sleek, sturdy aluminum complement SoFi’s contemporary architecture, while drink rails add convenient function to VIP, ADA and standing spectator areas,” Byrnes said. “Plus, the strategic integration of LED lighted rail really enhances and elevates the sophistication of the stadium, especially at night.” 


Whether it’s the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, the installation of hospitality and VIP suites, or the optimization of underutilized areas and assets, the team at Sightline Commercial Solutions has the expertise and capabilities to conceptualize and implement upgrades that transform and elevate the live sports experience. To learn more, visit