NRPA Receives Funding to Support Healthy Aging

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has received funding to support its Healthy Aging in Parks initiative. With support from RRF Foundation for Aging, NRPA is tapping into the power of parks and recreation to support aging in place, foster social connection and combat the epidemic of loneliness and isolation among older adults.

NRPA has received $86,000 in grant funding to conduct a research project that will identify promising interventions and scale practices to promote social and intergenerational connectedness. The organization will use the results of the research, case studies and focus groups to develop and disseminate a healthy aging in parks framework to increase the capacity of park and recreation professionals in addressing healthy aging and advancing overall well-being.

“NRPA is grateful for the opportunity to work with RRF Foundation for Aging to increase park and recreation resources to support healthy aging and intergenerational connectedness through parks and recreation,” said Kellie May, NRPA chief partnerships officer. “Parks and recreation are vital to community well-being and an increasingly well-documented social driver of health. Older adults must remain socially connected, and parks and recreation can continue to serve as the conduit to interconnectedness.”

Healthy Aging is about preserving the health, independence and social connections of older adults. NRPA’s Healthy Aging in Parks initiative helps local park and recreation agencies support the diverse needs of a growing older adult population to create more inclusive, thriving and resilient communities.

Park and recreation agencies play an important role in supporting older adults, with nine in 10 agencies providing facilities, activities and programming dedicated to older adults and 96% of agencies indicating that supporting social connectedness is the biggest benefit they provide to older adults. 

To learn more about NRPA’s Healthy Aging in Parks initiative, click here.