Markilux Pergola Stretch Redefines Outdoor Living

Markilux, renowned for its premium German-engineered and manufactured outdoor shading solutions, presents the Pergola Stretch, a retractable pergola shading solution that offers unparalleled sun and weather protection through cutting-edge functionality.

The markilux Pergola Stretch seamlessly integrates into any design-forward environment, providing a motorized rhythmic and space-saving folding technique that is designed to protect against sun and windy weather. This innovative approach allows for shading large areas while creating a unique and captivating ambiance. 


“The Pergola Stretch is a timeless piece in our collection that perfectly blends form and function,” says  Ashley Smith, President and Managing Director of markilux USA. “Its streamlined design and versatile features redefine the way we approach weather protection and allow for more shade coverage for larger entertainment areas.”


Versatility sets the Pergola Stretch apart with additions and integrations, such as embedded LED lines in the fabric to support profiles of cross beams and water drainage gutters, as well as infrared heaters*. The pergola features UV-resistant, water-resistant, and highly flame-retardant PVC-coated Sunvas Perla FR fabric. This shading structure is rated for wind speeds up to 30mph. For a functional outdoor oasis, an optional integrated vertical screen offers protection against low-lying sun, side wind, and privacy, all operable through smart home or remote.


The Pergola Stretch can be specified up to 22 feet wide with a 22-foot projection tailored for larger spaces as a single roof system. With coupled units, it can span up to 82 feet wide using 5 covers, making this pergola well-suited for hospitality and expansive areas. Despite its size, the Pergola Stretch only requires a minimum pitch of 5 degrees. Even set at this low pitch, the water drainage remains efficient, ensuring minimal maintenance, and making it a practical, aesthetically pleasing solution for various outdoor settings.


In keeping with markilux's commitment to individuality, the Pergola Stretch offers an expansive array of customization options, spanning a palette of seven frame colors, various lighting and sizes options, and hundreds of fabric choices as standard. Each product is tailored to perfection, ushering in an era of unparalleled outdoor sophistication.


The Pergola Stretch has garnered recognition for its outstanding design and innovation. Notably, it received the German Design Award Special Mention in 2021 and was an R+T Innovation Award Winner in 2021, further solidifying its status as a leader in the outdoor living space.


*can be purchased separately through authorized Dealers