Colorado Time Systems Introduces New Championship Elite Start System

Colorado Time Systems, a PlayCore company, introduces its newest swim start system – Championship Elite.  The Championship Elite Start System is designed for precision and inclusivity.

This new start systems features:

  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • Multiple start tones
  • Programmable start messages
  • Training mode
  • Integrated Visual Start Signal (VSS)
  • Ultra-bright adjustable multicolor LED strobes

The Championship Elite Start system is a rugged and flexible start system designed for elite competitive swimming and training.  It allows you to drive up to 12 Relay Judging Platforms with Speedlights, up to 13 External Visual Indicators (EVIS)/Strobes, and 20 auxiliary block speakers or 2 underwater speakers.

The firmware includes the revolutionary Visual Start Signal, which provides a clear visual start sequence for all athletes behind the block, on the block, and at signal “Take Your Marks.”  It uses the multicolor LED of the EVIs and was designed for athletes who are deaf or hard of hearing; but is useful for all athletes. Activate this feature with our controller, sold separately. 

The training mode is hands off for coaches and automates “Take Your Marks” messages and start signaling with a variable interval between starts.