AR App Will Inspire Outdoor Music-Making

A first-of-a-kind Augmented Reality (AR) app is set to transform the way communities design and build support for spaces with outdoor musical instruments, helping create a ‘shared vision’ for music-making in parks, schools, libraries, playgrounds, hospitals around the world.

Composer AR, is a new app launched by Percussion Play, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments, which will help everyone bring music projects to life, before the instruments are even in the ground.

The app allows users to place any Percussion Play instrument within a real-life setting, in real-time and play it. This interactive app allows users to listen to how each instrument sounds as they play the instrument in the app.  No other app on the market currently allows users to place multiple items into a scene, save them, share them and then re-load.   

Composer AR was created with the hope to bring outdoor music making to all.  By being able to share real-time project plans with all stakeholders, communities can showcase their shared-vision for local spaces and gather support for their music-making projects. 

Working with camps, early years settings, libraries, parks, hospitals and senior living centres, Percussion Play’s instruments are used to create inclusive areas for music-making and intergenerational play around the world.  Many of these spaces are built as a direct result of fundraising or grants and Percussion Play hopes Composer AR can support communities during the fundraising process. 

Woodlarks Camp Site Trust used the app to design a music garden in its grounds to support visitors with disabilities.  Sarah Lane, the Trust Secretary says, "by using Composer AR to plan the music garden we could really see what it would look like, rather than just imagining it!  We were able to try different instrument combinations and it was impressive to hear what the instruments would sound like.  The app made the decision process a lot easier as we were able to share the project with others and get feedback." 

The Product Experience App seamlessly integrates augmented reality into projects. To work, the user opens the App and starts a new AR project. Users ensure they have set their location so that the augmented reality feature allows users to effortlessly place and rotate any instrument from Percussion Play’s instrument catalogue into their project design, including the differing installation options. Each instrument can then be played so that users can hear the instrument as well as see it in situ. This can be recorded as a video or picture and saved to input into project proposals, for example. There’s even the option to record audio over the video to narrate the project.

The App is currently available for Apple smartphone users and is available to download from the App Store.