Doran Connect 360 Monitors Assets Fleetwide

Doran Manufacturing, a leading provider of tire monitoring systems for truck fleets and off-road equipment, presents their Doran Connect 360™ tire monitoring system which provides continuous visibility to all tires within the fleet to prevent roadside tire replacements. Real time tire pressure and temperature data for every tire on every off-road asset is monitored and reported continuously. Armed with this actionable data, drivers, operators, and maintenance teams can make informed decisions and plan predictive maintenance. External, valve stem mounted sensors pass tire pressure and temperature data through the Doran Connect ECU monitor and gateway for remote visibility. Multiple receiving options are available for in-cabin visibility of inflation pressure, critical high temperature and low-pressure events. With cellular connectivity, this data is available to fleet management personnel anytime, anywhere. Monitoring and continually reporting tire pressures and temperatures allows fleets to schedule repairs and corrections to reduce tire related maintenance costs, extend tread life, protect casings, and minimize catastrophic tire failures. Designed to handle the extreme environmental conditions found in mines, quarries, steel mills, ports, and more, the Doran Connect 360™ is at work in harsh applications around the world.


In addition to real-time tire pressure and temperature alerts, the Doran Connect 360™ provides fleet management with actionable data such as real-time asset tracking, TPMS automated reports, TPMS alert email notifications, trip insights, driving metrics, data backup for 12 months, and access to TPMS historical data to create custom applications and reports.  


Maintaining proper tire inflation pressure maximizes the performance of the tire, leading to reduced downtime while improving safety and efficiency. Doran Connect 360™ and other Doran tire monitoring systems are ideal for off-road fleets of all types and sizes.