Torque Fitness Maximizes Cardio Challenges With New Relentless Ripper

As exercisers demand maximum efficiency and effectiveness – and as HIIT remains red-hot – the new Relentless Ripper ski trainer from Torque Fitness satisfies the hunger for better, faster, stronger among athletes and gym-goers.   

Built with the company’s cutting-edge Mag-Force Technology ™, the patent-pending Relentless Ripper outperforms other ski ergs with 10 levels of progressive magnetic resistance for customizable and continuous endurance challenges to exercisers and athletes of all levels. These total-body, low-impact workouts engage multiple muscle groups and build stamina and strength without pounding impact. 

“The Relentless Ripper embodies Torque’s focused drive to deliver workouts that are incredibly effective and space- and time-efficient – all to support our mission of helping athletes become a better version of themselves,” said Jerry Dettinger, CEO of Torque Fitness.   

With a belt-driven transmission, the Relentless Ripper offers quieter and smoother operation, and the single-stage transmission affords a compact design. Over-molded ergonomic grips provide a comfortable and secure hold for both single-pole and double-pole modes. 

The LCD performance monitor serves as an instant motivator, tracking time, strokes per minute, watts, calories, distance, 500-meter split times and more. Users wearing a 5kHz chest strap can view their heart rate on the display as well. 

Even more, the space-saving design of the commercial Relentless Ripper makes it simple to add to any workout area. Mountable to racks, rigs and walls, this innovative workhorse offers multiple options without incorporating a bulky frame, platform or footprint. 

It is compatible with Torque’s X-CREATE (front mount or side mount with an additional accessory) and X-RACK/X-SIEGE (upright mount or rectangular cross mount); and can attach to a wall with a header board or wall mount accessory. 

Measuring 24.5” L x 21” W x 39.1” H, the Relentless Ripper is built with Torque’s signature precision, ergonomic engineering and heavy-duty construction to withstand rigorous workouts and yield long-lasting performance. Backed by Torque’s commercial warranty, it is sold direct and from authorized Torque Fitness dealers. 

In stock and ready to ship, the Relentless Ripper is value priced at $999 and available at See it in action here: