Playworld Introduces Ropescapes to Lineup of Dynamic, Commercial Playground Equipment

Playworld®, a leading commercial playground equipment manufacturer, announced the introduction of RopeScapes™, a new line of rope-based playground equipment that introduces challenge and adventure to traditional play structures. The line, which combines Playworld’s Quito™, Naica™, and Tianzi™ equipment, also includes the addition of ropes, nets, and climbers to create dynamic play spaces that nourish the intrepid spirit inside of children.

“Playworld is thrilled to introduce our new RopeScapes product line, inspired by some of the most daring places on Earth,” said David Sheedy, vice president of global sales for Playworld. “The line is designed to be both visually spectacular and widely adaptable to a variety of playgrounds, with endlessly customizable options and features. We expect this product launch to stir a sense of adventure inside every child who climbs aboard.”

RopeScapes offers a wide variety of equipment that can be customized for a unique play experience. Climbing nets come in various colors and sizes to test children’s agility and coordination. Rope bridges offer excitement, allowing children to test their balance and stability while still being safe and sturdy. Rope towers are the cornerstone of any playground, with multiple levels and features. They combine both climbing and sliding for an all-around exhilarating play experience. All features offer new sensory or physical activities to aid in the development of children’s all-around skills.

Playworld’s Naica, Quito, and Tianzi systems work seamlessly within the RopeScapes experience.

Naica (pronounced N-EYE-kuh) is inspired by Mexico’s Cave of the Crystals, combining triangular climbing nets with traditional components to encourage skill development through daring exploration.

Quito (pronounced KEE-toe) is a freestanding net climber that takes kids on a journey to the center of the web. Inspired by Quito, Ecuador’s capital city closest to the equator and the world’s second-highest official capital city, Quito stands a towering 15.54’ (4,74m) high.

With a unique, transferable design, Tianzi (tie-AN-zee) offers a challenging lineup of climbing nets that bond kids through shared challenges and triumphs. Grid-patterned rope, a rubber balance beam, a bell, and colorful flags take the fun to soaring new heights befitting its namesake, the Tianzi Mountain in the Hunan Province of China.

“Though crafting safe experiences is paramount in all Playworld equipment design, we know that challenging children to play adventurously feeds their development — and their fun,” said Sheedy. “RopeScapes more than lives up to that ideal.”

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