Pool & Aquatic Equipment

Keep Your BalanceRecreonics

Start the Wibit Sports BalanceTrack with skillful balancing, then choose between two thrilling options: twist and turn on an upward climb, or take a shortcut with a daring challenge of jumping the corners, then finish course by jumping through the target and into the water.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

Bring the Heat

With Raypak’s E3T 3-Phase Electric Professional Pool and Spa Heater, builders and installers can stand up to the toughest of pool and spa conditions by using this state-of-the-art heating technology with best-in-class controls and user interface. Complete with titanium heating elements for better quality and longer performance, the E3T 3-Phase has flow protection, low-temp operating mode, load detection and patent-pending 50/50 mode.

Raypak: 805-278-5300 

Elevate Your RelaxationParkNPool

ParknPool’s towel valet is a convenient accessory, often found poolside or in upscale hotels. It features a laundry cart and coordinating laundry bag for easy cleanup of soiled towels. The sleek design enhances the aesthetics of any space while promoting organization. This towel valet adds a touch of sophistication, allowing for easy access to towels and elevating the overall experience of comfort. 

ParknPool: 877-777-3700

Field TestLaMotte

The Mobile WaterLink® Spin Touch® allows pool professionals the ability to test water in the field. A patented WaterLink® Spin reagent disk is used with the innovative photometer to measure 10 different tests in just 60 seconds. It allows pool and spa analysts to achieve precise results, and is so simple anyone can use it.

Lamotte Co.: 800-344-3100

Sun ProtectionRocky Mountain

Introducing Coral Isles Sunscreen, a proud sister brand of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. Coral Isles Sunscreen is greaseless, water-resistant (80 min.), and fragrance-free. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen will not clog your pores; it is a light lotion that does not leave your skin feeling sticky. CIS works great in the water, offering superior protection while swimming or sweating profusely. 

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: 888-356-8899

Heavy-Duty CleaningMaytronics

Introducing the Wave 90i, a heavy-duty commercial robot by Maytronics Dolphin. This robust cleaner is purpose-built to combat the most stubborn dirt in mid-size HMAC pools of any shape or type. Unleashing revolutionary Wi-Fi connectivity and groundbreaking technologies, the Wave 90i signifies a new era of effortless pool maintenance. Take charge remotely with the MyDolphin app, ensuring optimal cleaning performance anytime, anywhere.

Maytronics U.S. Inc.: 800-DOLPHIN

Work OutSprint-Aquatics

Sprint Aquatics Water Walkers are designed to add resistance for aqua jogging and lower-extremity exercises. The dual resistance enhances the workout so you are pushing your body more. Train with less impact on your joints, burn more calories and get a better overall workout. The Water Walkers help to strengthen your core and muscles and increase your balance, all with zero gravity.

Sprint Aquatics: 800-235-2156   

Protect Guests & EquipmentPaddock

Chemical off-gassing wreaks havoc on metal equipment, from UV systems to pumps and fittings. Worse yet, it poses a serious threat to patrons and staff. Shield the people and equipment you care about, with our cutting-edge Chemical Pump Room Evacuator. Purpose-built for pump rooms, it exhausts harmful gases, wiping out worries for both your team and equipment.

Paddock Pool Equipment Co. Inc.: 800-849-2729

Keep It CleanRecreation Supply

Recreation Supply Company’s electric and gas-powered filter vacuums combine ease of portability with high-powered suction and large capacity single filter cartridges. These filter vacuums are built with dependable Speck commercial pumps, Harmsco filter cartridges and a stainless-steel cart. 

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Clarifier TabsLo-Chlor

Miraclear® Clarifier Tab’s unique formulation removes particles too small to otherwise be filtered. Simply drop this ultra-concentrated tab into the pump strainer basket or pool skimmer basket. Miraclear® Clarifier Tab starts working immediately and provides amazingly clear, sparkling water for 30 days. 

Lo-Chlor Specialty Pool Chemicals: 800-491-9810

Portable CleaningWaterTech

Water Tech’s Precision 2.0 Li™ is a hose-free, cordless cleaner providing maximum portability. It’s the only commercial pool vacuum powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With two hours of run time, it’s the perfect way to quickly spot-clean pools or clean the entire pool during regular weekly maintenance. This self-contained underwater vacuum works independently from your pool filtration systems.

Water Tech: 800-298-8800

Safer DecksRenolit

Renolit SOLID is a reinforced PVC membrane created to renovate and waterproof decks in aquatic facilities, from waterparks and wave pools to athletic facilities or community pools. This 80mil thick membrane renovates decks to make them waterproof and slip-resistant for safety. Terrific solution for common deck problems including cracks, chips, peeling paint and more. Provides long-term ease of maintenance. 

Renolit: 219-324-6886

The Right TensionCompetitor-Swim

The EZ-Tensioner from Competitor Swim represents a cutting-edge response to the challenges associated with conventional lane tensioners. Competitor racing lanes attach to the pool wall using a stainless-steel spring at one end and a stainless-steel and bronze ratchet reel at the other for proper tension. 

Competitor Swim: 800-888-7946 

Cover UpMedco

Meyco Covers are designed for every type of pool environment—from small apartment pools to Olympic-sized waterparks. You can even brand your cover with your company logo for greater brand awareness between swim seasons. Our largest cover required 40,000-plus feet of material and more than 700 straps. Plus Meyco’s R-Secure system allows larger covers to separate into multiple sections for easier installs and storage. 

Meyco Pool Covers: 800-446-3926

Meet ADA the Easy WayAquatic-Access

Pool Lift Model IGAT-180 is one of three Aquatic Access lift models exceeding the ADA standards for public pools. The simple, elegant design is powered only by water pressure, providing safety, reliability and ease of use for the rider and the provider. There are no batteries or danger of electricity around water, no pumps, motors, oils, actuators, contacts, gears, expensive replacement components or extensive maintenance schedules. 

Aquatic Access: 800-325-5438

Transform Your Old PoolRenosys

Select RenoSys to transform your dilapidated commercial pool into a beautiful and long-lasting oasis. RenoSys’s stainless pool gutter combined with its highly durable, site-built 60 mil PVC Pool Shell combine to create a pool that is safe, dependable and low-maintenance. From resurfacing the deck to relining the interior, RenoSys makes your pool look brand new.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Children AccommodatedVIP Solutions

“High-Rise” is a child-seat adapter for an adult-sized wheelchair to accommodate children ages 3 to 10. The child’s head is above water at a pool depth of 36 inches. It has rotating shoulder supports that adapt to the child. A torso belt and removable slip strap are included. Folds flat for storage. 

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620

Chlorine FeederBlue-White

The FLEXFLO® A1A peristaltic metering pump has been specially designed for commercial aquatics, resort facilities and waterpark installations. The A1A has a broad feed range of 0.01 to 100 GPD, making it capable of dosing a wide range of pool sizes, resort facility water features and waterpark features. The A1A’s energy-efficient variable speed motor uses the latest motor and drive technology, which saves energy dollars over the life of the pump.  

Blue-White: 714-893-8529

Custom SolutionsMyrtha Pools

The world’s leader in providing swimming pools for special events is also eager to deliver custom solutions for permanent aquatic projects of any size or type. Our unique stainless-steel structure and rigid PVC finish is the basic building block for projects that will provide higher user satisfaction, lower lifespan upkeep costs and unmatched aesthetic advantages. Got a pool project? Keep Myrtha in mind.

Myrtha Pools USA: 941-323-5635

Do More With Less Clear Comfort

It’s time to do more with less costs, time and toxic chemical use. The award-winning Clear Comfort AOP pool, spa, splash pad and waterpark supplemental sanitation is the easiest path to the best water and air quality—with more protection and less chloramines. Clear Comfort’s patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP is trusted in universities, recreation centers, waterparks, professional sports teams’ hydrotherapy training centers and more. 

Clear Comfort: 303-872-4477

Save Your Aging PoolNatare

Saving your aging swimming pool has never been easier. The Natare Trifecta incorporates three products: stainless-steel pool gutters, vacuum sand filters, and PVC membrane. Each product will save you time, money and annual maintenance. When you combine them in a single renovation, you will extend the life of your pool at a fraction of the cost of new construction. 

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

A Customized Amenity Suitmate

SUITMATE Select allows you to customize the exterior of your SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor. Whether you want your SUITMATE unit to blend in or stand out—we’ve got you covered. Promote your brand, your team, your colors, your design—it’s your SUITMATE. All the benefits of the original SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor, personalized for your facility. 

Extractor: 800-553-3353

Add StrengthSGM

SGM High Strength Pool Render is a cementitious blend of proprietary admixtures and select aggregates. Factory-blended to produce a quality mix, it can be used for bonded/non-bonded, conventional mortar bed where additional strength is desired. HSR is ideally suited as a substrate for hard-surface flooring, interior/exterior applications, wet/dry locations. Use in place of Type S or Type N mortar.  

SGM Inc.: 800-641-9247

Safer AnchorsDaldorado

Introducing the revolutionary DalFLEX™ Lane Line Anchors, a game changer in the world of lane line systems. Seamless installation in almost all rim-flow gutter systems, providing unmatched flexibility and eliminating trip hazards and no costly bonding or pool shell penetrations (compliant with NEC 680.26(c)), DalFLEX™ unit takes care of it all.

Daldorado: 888-509-8128

Easy TestingIndustrial Test

Industrial Test Systems Inc. unveils a groundbreaking innovation in pool maintenance with the launch of the Pool Check Xpress 3 Visual Test Strip, the first strip featuring built-in color-chart testing for the three most crucial pool parameters (total alkalinity, free chlorine and pH). Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bottles and charts—the future of worry-free pool maintenance has arrived.  

Industrial Test Systems Inc.: 800-861-9712

Drain RightGlassworks

Glassworks offers a fiberglass main drain with 8mm PVC grate, leveling legs, fiberglass grate cover. Gussets installed in all outlets 12 inches above. Photo shown is standard main drain, which meets VGBA. Please visit the website or call to talk more about our full range of aquatic products. 

Glassworks of Largo Inc.: 727-535-9808

Safer Drain CoversEureka

Redesigned with additional open area to accommodate higher flow rates, Eureka Manufacturing’s Anti-Entrapment Drain Covers and Suction Outlet Fittings are a quality solution to your swimming pool drain needs. Certified by IAPMO to comply with ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017 (PA 2021) as required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act. 

Eureka Manufacturing Company: 701-223-7930

Simple Chlorine Generation


ControlOMatic’s MegaChlor™ is a simple pool chlorine generator that supplies pools with continuous, around-the-clock chlorine generation without separate buttons, control boxes or timers—it’s all built into the device. Simply attach the control panel near the pool, add 2 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of pool water, hang the electrode into the water, and plug it in. Salt Level Indicator Technology lets users know when it’s time to add salt.

ControlOMatic: 530-205-4520

Filter SolutionWaterco

Waterco USA’s HRVR Retro Fit Series Side Mount Media Filter embodies the latest in fiberglass winding technology—made from anti-corrosive, nontoxic materials. Our Retro Fit design features 7.5-inch port spacing and a reinforced internal bulkhead wall for superior structural integrity. Our fishtail laterals improve backwashing efficiency and save up to 30% in water waste. 

Waterco USA Inc.: 706-793-7291 

Ready, Set, Go!Antiwave

The patented Antiwave Backstroke Start Ledge provides a simple and easy-to-use Ledge for swimmers to perform top backstroke starts in both training and competition. The ledge is simple to install and adjust by swimmers or coaches while in the pool or pool deck. The Ledge locks securely in place once set and is quickly removed from the block when not needed. 

Antiwave: 866-736-2183

Slide Right InSpectrum

Inside? Outside? You slide! Spectrum Aquatics offers both indoor and outdoor commercial pool slides, guaranteed to take your pool experience to new heights. These innovative recreational slides are designed to cater to thrill-seekers of all ages, offering single, double, quad and kiddie slide options. Whether you crave an adrenaline-pumping ride or a more laid-back slide, our poolside slides are the perfect addition to your pool. 

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

In ControlCCEI

Phileo VP pH controller provides energy-efficient chemical regulation as motor only activates during dosing, saving energy usage. Automatically tests and monitors pH levels in pool water and adjusts chemicals in the water as needed. This peristaltic dosing system offers a color-changing LED light that changes from green, to yellow and red, providing quick visual indication if the water chemistry is balanced or not. 

CCEI USA Inc.: 424-800-2191

Waterproof ItBasecrete

Concrete engineers, builders and property owners all over the world recognize that Basecrete Technologies is the premier product for waterproofing your concrete projects. Here’s why: Basecrete adheres to any surface with incredible strength; no waterproof bondcoat is more flexible than Basecrete; Basecrete is simple to apply and saves labor costs; and Basecrete is Low VOC and safe for portable water usage. 

Basecrete Technologies: 941-312-5142

Start Off RightColorado Time

The Championship Elite Start System—endorsed by USA Deaf Swimming—features an internal speaker and a vibrant external strobe that flashes with the start signal tone. Optional external strobes (EVIs) can be connected and placed at each starting block (up to 13). These multi-color strobes can be paired with the Visual Start Signaling, ensuring a crystal-clear start sequence with beind-the-block, on-the-block and “Take Your Marks” signaling.

Colorado Time Systems: 800-279-0111