SHAPE America Releases New Physical Education Standards

SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators has announced the release of the new SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards. Launched on March 12 at the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Cleveland, the National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards are used by states and local school districts across the country to develop or revise existing standards and curricula.

The new standards, which were endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers, provide a comprehensive framework for educators to deliver high-quality instruction and make a positive difference in the health and well-being of every student.

“For the first time in our professional community’s history, we had the opportunity to revise and release new national standards for both physical education and health education at the same time, which was incredibly rewarding and exciting,” said SHAPE America President Cara Grant. “These revised standards take a more student-centered and holistic approach that truly considers the individual student and their developmental journey.”

The National Physical Education Standards Task Force and National Health Education Standards Task Force were composed of a diverse group of individuals representing K-12 educators, higher education faculty and representatives from relevant organizations. During the revision process, which began in 2021, both task forces gathered feedback through several rounds of public review and comment, as well as town halls, focus groups and more.

Revising the National PE Standards and National HE Standards in tandem allowed for unprecedented synergy between the standards, the complementary resources and professional development that will support the implementation. Using the new standards, teachers can help students learn the essential knowledge and skills needed to support health and well-being throughout their lifetime.

Free Educator Kits — available for both physical education and health education — include the Standards, Rationale, and Performance Indicators, as well as additional resources relating to the new standards. New learning progressions will be available in the physical education national standards book, which will be published by Human Kinetics in August, alongside the health education national standards book.

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