Cyclone Lighting Introduces Crosswalk Optics

Cyclone Lighting (, an established leader in the manufacture of outdoor luminaires, announced that it has released its innovative Crosswalk Optics solution. Designed with pedestrian safety in mind, the advanced optics increase a pedestrian’s visibility by providing high vertical illuminance and creating a visible positive contrast.

Standard streetlights are designed to answer motorists’ navigation needs and are often spaced too widely apart to provide sufficient illumination for pedestrian crosswalks. With better visibility, drivers have more time to react to the pedestrian’s presence in the roadway, making it safer. 

Cyclone's Crosswalk Optics solution takes into account the two main contributing factors to pedestrian visibility, including contrast and vertical illuminance. With asymmetrical forward and asymmetrical right side light distribution, the optics provide a high positive contrast that make pedestrians look brighter than the background. They also enhance vertical and horizontal illuminance to help motorists clearly and effectively detect the crosswalk and the pedestrian well in advance.

The new Crosswalk Optics are designed based on the guidance in IES RP-8; Recommended Practice: Lighting Roadway and Parking Facilities, with particular attention paid to the recommendations focused on pedestrian crosswalks. They are available in lumen packages ranging from 3,100 lm to 11,600 lm and all versions are IP66 rated for harsh weather. 

Because the optical lens is integrated into Cyclone’s Orion light engine, any luminaire that utilizes this light engine may be selected. City planners can therefore maintain a consistent lighting aesthetic in a neighborhood, utilizing the same luminaire for both streetlights and pedestrian crossings.

Full details on Cyclone’s Crosswalk Optics are available here.