Study Reveals Economic Impact of the Attractions Industry in Middle East Region

The first-ever attractions industry economic analysis for the Middle East region including several African countries is now unveiled. This comprehensive study sheds light on the transformative role of attractions in shaping the economic landscape. The study was conducted in 2023, compiling data from 2022 by Tourism Economics commissioned by IAAPA, the global association for the attractions industry.

The study, examined data from 15 countries across the region, encompassing a wide array of attractions including amusement/theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers (FEC), zoos/aquariums, museums/science centers, historical, cultural, or natural attractions, unveiled three significant results that underscore the industry's economic impact and potential for further development: 

  1. ​​​​​​Revenue Generation: Collectively, attractions in the Middle East and parts of Africa generated a $24.3 billion in revenue. This substantial economic influx fuels growth within the industry and contributes significantly to the region's overall economic landscape.
  2. Job Creation: The attractions industry is a key driver of employment, supporting over 565,000 jobs indicated by the study.  From direct employment within attractions to indirect and induced impacts across related sectors, the industry plays a pivotal role in providing livelihoods and opportunities for individuals across the region.
  3. Tax Contribution: Recognizing the attractions industry's economic significance, it contributed approximately $2.5 billion in taxes during the examined period. This substantial tax contribution underscores the industry's role in supporting public services and infrastructure development, further enhancing the socio-economic fabric of the Middle East and Africa.

Commenting on the findings, Peter Van Der Schans, VP and Executive Directorat IAAPA EMEA, stated, "The results of our study underscore the resilience and potential of the attractions industry in the Middle East and parts of Africa. As we navigate through dynamic global landscapes, it is crucial to recognize the substantial economic contributions of attractions, particularly in terms of revenue generation, job creation, and tax contributions."

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