New Product Ideas

Wash UpBradley

Available in satin stainless steel and a palette of five modern finishes, the stunning Elvari Washroom Accessories collection provides more than 650 individual product models, such as paper and soap dispensers, grab bars, waste receptacles, LED mirrors and much more, all in a streamlined and unifying design. Elvari Accessories are characterized by a modern euro style pill-shape design with smooth curves and soft edges.

Bradley Company: 800-272-3539

Lift ItAktiv

The GYM RAX® SMITH 3D Trainer™ (S3D) is an evolutionary strength training system, marking a major advancement in barbell training technology. Unlike traditional Smith machines that feature only a fixed linear range of motion, the S3D’s primary advancement is a multidirectional ROM that mimics the natural travel path of an Olympic barbell. 

Aktiv Solutions: 888-895-0547

Premium CardioMatrix

The Onyx Collection is a five-machine assortment of ultra-premium cardiovascular products designed to invigorate the senses with premium materials, advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail. Carefully crafted by Matrix’s global product development team, the collection, comprised of a treadmill, Ascent Trainer, ClimbMill, upright cycle and recumbent cycle, is a testament to thoughtful innovation and customer-centric design. 

Matrix Fitness: 866-693-4863

Safer StairsWoster

Flexmaster® Safety Renovation Treads offer an economical and easily applied anti-slip surface to improve the safety of interior or exterior stairs. An extruded aluminum base is covered with Flex-Tred® anti-slip tape, which provides a much higher coefficient of friction, whether wet or dry, significantly reducing the risk of slips or falls. They are available in lengths to 12 feet and with a variety of tread depths and colors. 

Wooster Products: 800-321-4936

Get RippedTorque Fitness

As exercisers demand maximum efficiency and effectiveness—and as HIIT remains red-hot—the new Relentless Ripper ski trainer from Torque Fitness satisfies the hunger for better, faster, stronger among athletes and gym-goers. Built with the company’s cutting-edge Mag-Force Tehcnology™, the patent-pending Relentless Ripper outperforms other ski ergs with 10 levels of progressive magnetic resistance for customizable and continuous endurance challenges. 

Torque Fitness: 763-754-7533

A Better BridgeBedford

The ReadySpan pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicle bridges are lightweight, high-strength and designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. FRP material is resistant to heat, high winds, rain, snow and saltwater. It won’t shrink, swell, warp, corrode or attract insects—outperforming wood and steel bridges year after year. Applications include state parks, hiking and biking trails, ATV and equestrian trails, and new and replacement installations.  

Bedford Reinforced Plastics: 814-623-8125