Sports & Gymnasium Products

Ninja TrainingAmerican Athletic

Introducing G2N® Air Obstacles, providing a softer, more fun way for your ninjas to train. The only thing they have to fear is bruising their pride. Give them confidence on the best way to be efficient conquering each obstacle. Transform your kids from ninja enthusiast to full-on ninja warrior. 

American Athletic Inc.: 800-247-3978

Indoor NettingInCord

At InCord, we are experts at designing and building sports barriers and enclosures for any sports application. Indoors, InCord Retractable Divider Nets increase versatility and keep activities from interfering with each other. Dividers are custom configured and can be built for new or existing structures and spaces. 

InCord: 860-537-1414

Racks That FitMF Athletic

Perform Better’s new Signature Series Rack line is changing the game when it comes to weight training. These modular racks are fully customizable, allowing you to create the most efficient and effective rack system to fit your space and weightlifting program. With multiple attachments, as well as cable column options, your training opportunities are practically endless.  

MF Athletic/Perform Better: 800-556-7464

Seating SolutionSouthern-Bleacher

Since 1946, Southern Bleacher Company has set the standard for high school bleachers, college stadiums, fairgrounds, speedways and more. With more than seven decades of experience, our dedication to excellence will result in first-class grandstands for your budget. 

Southern Bleacher Company: 800-433-0912

Movable SeatingPro-Bound

The S.A.T. 110 uses “Spring Assist Technology” to provide the safest operating, least “cost per seat” portable event bleacher on the market. Its remote “push button, electric actuator” eliminates costly high-load hydraulics. The S.A.T. 110 seats 108 spectators, but due to the relative lightweight construction, is easily towable with a half-ton pickup. 

Pro-Bound Sports: 800-525-8580

Pickleball PlansNational Sports

With Douglas® Pickleball court divider systems, there’s no more retrieving errant balls or getting interrupted by pickleballs from opposing courts. These dividers are manufactured to your custom court dimensions. Court 
dividers are supported by 4-foot-high steel poles with your choice of mesh windscreen or divider netting.  

National Sports Products: 800-478-6497 

Keep TimeBison

The newest wireless shot clock system technology requires no interface with existing scoreboards and only requires 110-volt power. Each SHCLK300 system includes two shot clocks, a control panel, and integrated antennae and 30-foot 110-volt extension plugs and mounting brackets are available separately.  

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668